Totally Awesome Survey

Complete the Totally Awesome Survey at LifeLounge and receive a totally awesome prize from either, STA Travel, Rip Curl, Evo Haircare or a mystery prize from Lifelounge. The survey is open to the first 2000 Australian residents, aged 16 to 30 and takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Click here to visit Life Lounge and complete the Totally Awesome Survey.

Totally Awesome Survey

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  1. bec said:

    any one know what the prize you get is? completed this today pretty baqsic questions like; how many hours do you watch tv, play games, go the gigs etc.worth doing even if the prize is small :)

  2. Teresa said:

    No idea what the prizes are, the survey is open until January 31st, so I guess they’ll start sending them out then.

  3. daniel said:

    Omg, i just completed the survey, i submitted my address, post-code,etc and it comes up with a page that says “Server Error in ‘/’ Application….” Sigh, all that wasted time…

  4. Teresa said:

    I feel your pain, that’s happened to me before with other surveys. Did you end up submitting it again?

  5. Lozz said:

    i got this in the mail, and i know that you shouldn’t really complain about freebies, but this was the longest survey i have ever done in my life!! (it didn’t work the first time) and all i got was some DVD about men’s surfing!! BORING!!

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