Sticky Notelet Compendium & The Cocktail Bar Recipe Cards Giveaway

Two Giveaways today a Sticky Notelet Compendium and The Cocktail Bar Recipe Cards. Leave a comment and let me know which one you’d like. Comments can be about anything but please keep them family friendly. This giveaway is open to Australian residents.

Sticky Notelet Compendium:

  • 1 x notelet holder
  • 2 x 100 sheet notelet pads
  • 6 x 100 sheet page markers
  • 1 x pencil with eraser
  • 1 x 2 year calendar

The Cocktail Bar Recipe Cards:

  • 30 recipe cards
  • 30 blank cards for your own recipes
  • exclusive music CD to suit the mood

Please note:

  • You must choose the giveaway you would like
  • No more than 5 lines per comment
  • One comment per IP address please, multiple comments from the same IP, people using different emails or proxies will be disregarded.
  • Comments will close in 24 hours and the winner announced on Thursday 2nd December.
  • The winner will receive an email from The Freebies Blog and have 24 hours to reply or the prize is forfeited.

Sticky Notelet Compendium

The Cocktail Bar Recipe Cards

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  1. Anne said:

    The Sticky Notelet Compendium looks cool :D

  2. Lyn said:

    The ‘exclusive music CD to suit the mood’ sounds like just what I need : )

  3. Mary said:

    I’m a stationery fiend and the Sticky Notelet Compendium is perfect for my office!

  4. Jo said:

    I like the sticky note compendium…. :)

    Looks super awesome!

  5. kookie said:

    The Sticky Notelet looks awesome to me right now. Christmas is near and resolutions look prettier on different coloured sticky pieces no? :-)

  6. Ricardo said:

    Sticky Notelet Compendium for me!
    I love stationery.

  7. MADHI said:

    I thought you were my sticky note, the old one on the wall.
    After all, you are only there until your time runs out
    Then you are gone.
    Just like every thing, sticky notes can’t stay forever

  8. Melissa said:

    The sticky notes would be awesome at work :)

  9. Saima said:

    “The Sticky Notelet Compendium” Just what the Dr Ordered!! :D

  10. Jutta1 said:

    If you saw the state of my desk you would know how much I need the Sticky Notelet Compendium. Help me keep it tidy and organised.

  11. Laura said:

    On the last day of school, my friends and I are having mocktail party. The cd and some modified recipes would be perfect ;p

  12. Tammy said:

    yah sticky notes for thyne forehead for all the things i forget to do!!

  13. Jacqui said:

    I would LOVE sticky notes, i have a note book to jot things in that i can never find and a million non sticky notes laying around that keep getting thrown away!! I NEED THEM TO REMEMBER THINGS!! hehe :)

  14. Peter said:

    Like many others, I reckon the Sticky Note compendium looks really cool. I use those for book marks, among other things. VERY useful!

  15. Leanne said:

    I’m a great doodler so it would be fantastic to share these around the office by using the Sticky Notelet Compendium

  16. jenny fazzalari said:

    The Sticky Note Compendium looks like something i could make good use of, It is great and will help me to remember things

  17. Julia said:

    Sticky Notelet Compendium. It’d be great

  18. eunice thompson said:

    The cocktail recipe card set would be fantastic, excellent for family/friend get togethers as well

  19. Trish said:

    Looks great – would certainly tidy up my work station and look absolutely amazing!!

  20. Ness said:

    The sticky notelet compedium would be a fantastic option to win. They can be used from everything from task reminders, appointment reminders, grocery lists, and even to put nice little notes into a partners lunchbox about the proposed evenings events!!!

  21. Tracy Boulter said:

    The Sticy Notelet Compedium would be a big help for me

  22. pepe said:

    The cocktail recipe card please… I would like to try everything

  23. Mara said:

    The Sticky Notelet Compendium looks cool :D

  24. Jemma said:

    since i am under eighteen,
    the sticky notes will have to be seen
    hopefully in my room where i will pretend to be a queen

    yeah so im not very good at poems haha

  25. carina rimon said:

    i would love to win the sticky notes so i could write my school age children little love messages and hide them in their lunch boxes

  26. talli said:

    Sticky notes: the new SLINKY ~

  27. Rachel said:

    To answer your question,
    The Cocktail Bar Recipe Cards
    Is what i would like to win,
    The next question is,
    Vodka, Rum or maybe some Gin?
    That i cannot answer
    but im sure i could choose,
    with the help of the cocktail cards
    Here’s hoping i do not loose.

  28. Jess said:

    i nevercomeupwith funny or clever lines so please please please be ith me :)

  29. isis said:

    awsome sticky note compendium, excellent to keep your work in order, and colourful reminders so you never forget

  30. sandy turner said:

    My walls ,are covered ,in ugly ,reminder notes ,held up with blu tack .If I do not write it down ,I forget .Simple . Sticky note ,would be way better.Keep Australia beautiful!

  31. Andrea Taylor said:

    The Sticky Notelet Compendium
    With a daughter starting VCE next year the sticky Notelet Compendium will help us keep up to date with her homework commitments as well as marking all her important chapters in her text books . All in a compact and easy to locate holder, how handy is that! This freebie would be put to good use indeed!

  32. Danette said:

    Sticky Notelet Compendium please
    Easily sticks and colourful
    Writing messages should be at ease
    It will surely be helpful

  33. Kylie said:

    Sticky Note Compendium would be awesome as I have two young children and baby brain!!! Sticky notes help me to remember the never-ending list of jobs I have :D

  34. Cassandra said:

    Wow, the Sticky Notelet Compendium looks fantastic.
    I’m always forgetting things I have to do so I think this would be so very helpful for me!

  35. SHEREE CORNELL said:


  36. Gen said:

    Icky, sticky, “Sticky Notes”
    You are so very much what I need,
    Lists… Lists…. everywhere on my sticky notes
    Is what helps me stay sane!

  37. Bev said:

    The older I get the more I forget
    I can’t remember names and places
    Sticky notes could help me out
    If I stick them on peoples faces

  38. Debz said:

    I don’t think i’ll get it,
    there’s no way i’ll bet it
    but i can at least try
    im a terrible poet and cant think of the next line
    but would like to get a prize because i’ve never gotten any from all the ones that i’ve tried~
    (becos im a terrible poet)

  39. Leanne Jones said:

    sticky stacks of notes
    stuck in a compendium
    are anything but black.

  40. choc19 said:

    If I could rhyme I would do just that
    But I’d love the sticky notelet
    To place on the mat( told you I couldn’t rhyme)!

  41. Annamaree said:

    My adopted Dad is in his 80’s and has hernia surgery on Dec 3rd. My best friend has heart surgery on the 9th Dec. My step-daughter has stomach surgery on Dec 17th.
    Im finding it hard to think straight and would love the sticky notelets please.

  42. keppers said:

    Would love the Cocktail Bar recipes so I can get a bit more creative at parties this summer instead of just popping open some cask wine

  43. Deborah Milton said:

    Thank you for this offer.I would love to receive the sticky notes compendium please. They are a fantastic idea around the house and very handy anywhere!

    God Bless Annamaree for all of her hard times at present.

  44. aurelie said:

    The cocktail bar recipe cards because everyone else wants the sticky notes :)
    i walk on the wild side
    and i think i’d like that accompanying music very much

  45. Noelene said:

    The Sticky Notelet Compendium is the item I do need. I would be the untidiest and laziest person when it comes to organising anything. I get muddled just putting the dishes away.

  46. maria said:

    New year is near and my new year’s resolution is to be more organise so the Sticky Notelet Compendium will be helpful!

  47. Wendy Davis said:

    the sticky notelet compendium would come in very handy over chrissy to keep track of my grandkids events, would help me to not miss another one.

  48. Lyn said:

    As a ‘cool’ senior I could use a ‘cool’ compendium.

  49. Aaron S. said:

    The cocktail recipes would be awesome.

  50. Aaron S. said:

    The cocktail cards would be awesome.

  51. shannan_D said:

    paper that can stick…Thorpie says “It’s fully sick”

  52. lynda said:

    the sticky notelet will be a great birthday present for me, pretty please

  53. helen said:

    perfect! what a cool compact idea! i would love one so i will get a christmas gift.-thanking you

  54. sheila elvin said:

    I LOVE the look of the sticky note set. Just the thing to help me keep my life on track. I’ve just reached the stage when I forget/loose information/appointments.

  55. Josh said:

    That Sticky Notelet Compendium would be jus perfect around the house and around the office, the perfect christmas present would be the gift of help around the office

  56. Debra Moody said:

    How much fun for the next time I get together with my friends making up beautiful cocktails and having a good time sounds great, but I wouldn’t like to try a cocktail after the first hour or two they could be a very nasty cocktails by then.

  57. Judith said:

    The Sticky Notelet Compendium is what I need, to leave messages each member of the family. A different colour for each of them. My problem would be solved!

  58. Tim Lee said:

    I would love the Cocktail Bar Recipe Cards !

  59. kim said:

    I have run out and need some more.

  60. Beth said:

    Note to self: Leave comment on website to win some awesome cocktail recipes. If only I had a post note to remind myself on :-)

  61. Mel said:

    As summer is upon us I would love to treat all my friends to some fancy cocktails.

  62. Tony said:

    The sticky note compendium would be perfect. Need one next to the phone!

  63. ayesha said:

    Zillions of things to do daily……..even more instructions for the kids……..what better way to list them than on sticky notes.

  64. With a busy husband a 16 month old a teenager and another on the way my house could certainly benefit from a Sticky Notelet Compendium to help keep us organised!

  65. Emma said:

    I almost missed this give away. Perhaps the sticky note compendium doesn’t work as well as it should if it couldn’t remind me of another fantastic Freebies Blog giveaway!

  66. Ashika said:

    Love the stationery…

  67. Lisa said:

    Those colorful sticky notes could organize my family

  68. susan strahl said:

    i’m getting old, my memory is fading
    i have to leave myself notes to remind
    i can’t even make a rhyme

  69. Tina said:

    The Sticky Note Compendium would be perfect for my chaotic household!

  70. Ivana said:

    this would be great for planning my wedding in keeping everything ORGANISED and in ONE place.

  71. david said:

    tiz the season to be merry….The Cocktail Bar Recipe Cards Giveaway

  72. julie alderton said:

    the sticky note compendium
    is a very must
    to keep every thing sorted
    from messages to daily musts.
    to keep me on top of my tasks.

  73. Blake said:

    Sticky-notes! Maybe if they’re all in a case together like this people will stop stealing my sticky-note-bundles and using them like notebooks…

  74. Judi said:

    I would love the Sticky Notelet Compendium – it would be so useful for my 2 businesses and the calendar would save me having to get up from my computer and look at the fridge when I quickly want to check a date.

  75. carol harkins said:

    This would be just the thing, to keep everything I need in one place, when reading and writing…lol

  76. Jess Chibber said:

    The Sticky Notes.
    I really need them for school next year plus they are colored. Well…………I would LOVE it if I won…………………….yeah…………I will be crossing my fingers for myself! :)

  77. kiara robin said:

    I would like the Sticky Notelet Compendium pretty pretty pretty please :D

  78. Ann-Marie Franjic said:

    A cocktail event is the perfect Christmas Party as I am sure everyone will be in a sticky situation when the need to go home arises

  79. Natalia said:

    I want the cocktails!!!

  80. Joshua Joynes said:

    I would love the Sticky Notelet Compendium and quite frankly I deserve it, look at me… ;)

  81. sandra said:

    would love the cocktail cards, coming up to the relaxing season where l could use them with entertaining friends would be alot of fun

  82. Michelle said:

    When I get the notebook I will write on the first page…
    By Hook by cook I am the first one to write in this book… I mean Notebook!

  83. Katelyn Stares said:

    “you know people are always on about, ‘you’ll find something else! there’s plenty more Stickynotes in the desk!’ well you know what, i feel like a stickynote in a bin.”

  84. Belinda Dennis said:

    Would love the sticky notes compendium. I don’t drink much these days so the cocktail cards aren’t as useful as the sticky notes!

  85. Rosemary Nicol said:

    The sticky notes compendium are the ones for me. I am always needing notes to leave for hubby.

  86. Sonia said:

    Sticky notes come handy after a hangover with the cocktails ;)

  87. Amanda said:

    Sticky Notelet Compendium: great for notes in uni books without damaging them

  88. Amanda said:

    Sticky notes are nice and bright
    They’d make my desk a pretty sight
    They’d help me plan my fun weekend,
    With cocktails and my favourite girlfriends!

  89. Vanessa said:

    Shake your Cocktails,
    Their the greatest drinks in history!!!!

  90. Irim said:

    The Notelet compendium looks awesome and would be very handy at my workplace :)

  91. LaurafromOz said:

    As a professional, the Sticky Notelet Compendium will help me to keep organised for 2011

  92. Teresa said:

    Comments are now closed thanks everyone.