Quit Smoking Freebies

Click here to order quit smoking freebies from the Department of Health and Ageing. Freebies include:

  • Posters
  • Stress Balls
  • Slide Puzzles
  • E-grips (a mini non-slip strip that protects phones and other devices from slipping out of your hand and off of any surface)
  • Publications

To order freebies from this site:

  1. Scroll down to the table that contains the freebies.
  2. You’ll see reference numbers on the left, for example the free stress ball is TOB37.
  3. Make note of the reference numbers you would like to order, then click on one of the “Order Publications” links on the left of the table.
  4. The next page is a form that asks for your address details, Publication Number, Publication Title and Quantity Required.

Quit Smoking Freebies
Thanks nig

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  1. nig said:

    your welcome

  2. spark said:

    hey i cant find the link on the page, where is it? i looked at the table….

  3. Teresa said:

    Hi spark, just click one of the “Order Publications” links on the left of the table, here’s a screenshot –
    Quit Smoking Freebies

  4. nig said:

    yo peoples
    recieved mine within 3 weeks

  5. ray-lene said:

    want a stress ball

  6. spark said:

    thanks now i see it!

  7. jemimah kendall said:

    I havent got my stress ball yet and I was looking forward to it because my boyfriend and I are acually in the process of giving up smoking

  8. nig said:

    peoples the site is being used alot
    i waited a month
    hang in there

  9. Jenny said:

    I got mine today, but I think they must have run out of stress balls, because they sent me 2 slide puzzles and 2 e grips instead :-)

  10. nig said:

    theve run out
    but theyll get more stock

  11. Emma Hill said:

    ahh no stress balls…have to admit i dont smoke (tho am trying to get my bf to give up) but hope they get more stock before my exams! haha

  12. Teresa said:

    I wouldn’t mind one either, they would be great to throw around at work.

  13. nig said:

    when they get back in stock and u get yours u will realize how trully awesome they are
    They can bounce as well

  14. spark said:

    i got my slide puzzle and they said they would send the stress ball when they become available. the puzle is cool!

  15. Teresa said:

    Sounds like a good idea, although I’m a non smoker myself.

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