Purina Puppy & Kitten Club

Join the Purina Puppy & Kitten Club, and receive:

  • A free Puppy or Kitten Start Kit
  • A comprehensive care guide to help you look after your new pet
  • Regular updates packed with advice, hints and tips through the first year of your puppy or kitten’s life
  • Special offers or coupons, tailored for your pet’s first meals
  • Membership to the National Pet Register

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  1. Emily said:

    Got this today, its great. Consists of lead, super coat food and heaps of info. :) great, mine was for a puppy!

  2. Aithne said:

    I signed my puppies up to this a few weeks ago. They’ve just got their packages. Lily and Wookie totally loved the toy and the biscuits.

  3. Jerry said:

    I signed up my two kittens. At first i had to email them to ask when it was coming and they replied they were short of supplies, a week later i received most of the packs except for the collars. A couple of days later i received one collar. I had to email them letting them know that i signed up two kittens not one but only received the one collar, they apologised and sent out the second collar. Myself and my kittens are very happy.

  4. Michelle said:

    Sounds like they have been very generous Jerry.

  5. Jerry said:

    Yes they were, Sadly the day the second collar was sent out my boy kitten died of congential heart disease, He was burried with the collar.

    Their other brother who i had for sale ended up staying, I signed him up for a pack to but they did not send one and said they have a limit of 2 per house hold. Just a little info for anyone wondering how many are allowed per house :)

  6. Michelle said:

    Thanks Jerry.And I was sorry to hear about the passing of your kitten. Very sad.

  7. Teresa said:

    Sorry to hear about your kitten Jerry.

  8. Michelle said:

    Got my pack on Friday.

  9. Lesley said:

    I got my pack yesterday, which means this offer is still good. I got a leopard print cat collar with bell, a sample of Purina crunchy catfood and a booklet with heaps of great info. The padded bag it came in had a cute picture of a puppy and kitten covering it.
    Very nice gifts :-)

  10. Chloe said:

    i haven’t got mine yet i signed up yesterday and sorry to hear about your kitten Jerry but the pack sounds really good!!!

  11. Natalie said:

    I received a booklet, shampoo and food in mind this week. :D Thanks!!

  12. Karls said:

    I received mine a couple weeks ago, I got a generous bag of kitten food and a collar for my cat, and an info book. Highly recommend this freebie, it’s awesome!

  13. Emma said:

    Recieved my starter pack very quickly. The best free sample I have recieved so far (I have only just started using freebie websites in the last few months). Got a squecky toy, food sample, voucher and info. Very happy with the sample.

  14. Kristen said:

    I got this for my pup late last year and it came with a squeaky octopus toy, my pup absolutely loved it! She destroyed it this week and i’ve been searching for another toy everywhere but i can’t find any shops selling any. Has anyone seen the toys at a pet shop or supermarket? I’d just squeak the toy and my puppy would get so excited, she’d play with it more than any other toy!

  15. isabella said:

    Kristen I have the same problem! My dog absolutely loved his squeaky octopus, it was really the only toy he loved playing with. Ive looked everywhere for a similar thing but I cant find it anywhere either.

  16. Christy mullins said:

    Would like 1 kitten kit 2 for puopies

  17. lynda said:

    How do I register for these packs? I have 4 kittens

  18. Karen said:

    Would like 1 kitten kit please

  19. Teresa said:

    Hi Karen,

    You need to apply on the Purina site, use the link above :)

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