Palmer’s BB Cream Sample

Palmers have now added a BB cream to their range and samples are available on Facebook. Choose up to 2 samples from the following Coco Butter Formula, Stretch Mark and BB Cream. Samples are available to Australian residents and may take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive.

Click here to visit Palmer’s on Facebook.

Palmer's Product Sample

Palmer’s BB Cream Sample thanks LuckyLentils!

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  1. lore said:

    Best cream ever

  2. Teresa said:

    Looking forward to trying this one, starting to get into BB creams :)

  3. Kim said:

    I also use their oil in summer. Not as thick as the butter. Great feeling soft skin. This stuff is great for stretch marks. Seriously. Cream or oil. oh and don’t forget to do your neck! lol : D

  4. Helena said:

    Got mine the other day :) Took a while but the BB cream is really nice

  5. Teresa said:

    Mine arrived this week too :)

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