Hungry Jack’s Kids Club

Hungry Jack’s Kids ClubThe Hungry Jack’s Kids Club sends out treats all through the year. On your child’s birthday, they will receive a membership card and birthday card.

Click here to join the Hungry Jack’s Kids Club.

Thanks Samantha!

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  1. Angi said:

    Just wondering the age bracket for the kids club
    Thank you

  2. Teresa said:

    Hi Angi, the Hungry Jack’s site doesn’t actually state and age bracket at all for this offer.

  3. Michelle said:

    Got mine. Not a birthday card but a voucher for a free kids meal and then 12 vouchers to use one per month that don’t expire that alternate between a drink, fries or cheesburger for 95 cents.

  4. tayla said:

    hungrey jacks rocks

  5. Ricky said:

    This is okay if you like their food :LOL: I dont, I find it slightly better than Maccas but still awful. Im just not a fan of fast food really, I prefer to cook at home. I do know they send out vouchers though (a friend joined up) and they are for the cheapest things on their menu, but I guess a free item is a free item! If you like HJs then join up!

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