Free Uncle Tobys Plus Calcium Sample

Uncle Tobys are offering a free 40g sample of Uncle Tobys Plus Calcium on Facebook. There are 5,000 samples available to Australian residents, allow 28 days for receipt of your sample.

Click here to visit Uncle Tobys on Facebook.

Free Uncle Tobys Plus Calcium Sample

Free Uncle Tobys Plus Calcium Sample thanks Loocy!

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Australia  Expires: 6th March 2013


  1. jodie said:

    i clicked on it and said its now ended >……

  2. Kim said:

    yep. me to.. Now ended. that was quick! I must be quicker next time : )

  3. Helena said:

    Any one seen these yet? :)

  4. Teresa said:

    Some reports in the Forum of receiving them, however they did mess up the samples this was posted in their Facebook page:

    Oops! The address labels that went out on the samples of UNCLE TOBYS PLUS Calcium aren’t correct. If you’ve requested a sample, it will still arrive to your address, but the name won’t be yours.

    We are sorry for any confusion, but please enjoy the sample and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on this yummy new UNCLE TOBYS cereal!

  5. Helena said:

    I dont think I am getting this :) haha

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