Free sample of S-26 Toddler Gold

Free sample of S-26 Toddler Gold, nutritious milk drink for children from 12 months.

Free sample of S-26 Toddler Gold

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  1. Leanne said:

    I have sent away for this freebie a couple of times before through another site and my samples have always arrived within 3 weeks. If you can get to a Parents and Baby Expo this company has a stand there and have sample bags which contain a full size box of 4 stick packs of this product in them. Bargain! They also were offering at the Brisbane one free sippy cups, all you had to do was fill in a form and they’ll send it to you. Worth noting for next year if you didnt go this time :)

  2. Tusar said:

    I rang for my 3 grandchildren for the s26 bag when I
    saw it on the morning tv show a month ago. Still waiting

  3. jordan hill said:

    im a single dad of two 18 month olds and i dont think they have the right amount of vitamins and minerals and more importantly calcium

  4. Requelle Clement said:

    I try to give my bub the best of everything so she is happy and healthy last thing i want is for her to get unhealthy from a lack of nutrients i know formula has a lot and so do the foods we feed her but i still never know weither its enough

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