Free Movie Ticket

Hoyts is celebrating 100 years and would like you to join the celebration by giving you a free movie ticket on your Birthday. This offer is open to new and existing Hoyts Movie Club members.

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Free Movie Ticket

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Australia  Expires: 1st August, 2010


  1. jane forza said:

    would love some free movie tickets i do not go to the movies often but would love to accept a couple of free tickets and go see a few movies in a row

  2. Michael said:

    Just signed up – but I’m still not sure, do you have to WATCH a movie on your Birthday to claim this ticket, or can you simply print it out and redeem it on your birthday to watch it at a later date?

  3. Teresa said:

    Hi Michael, you actually have to watch the movie on your Birthday. This is from the FAQ:

    Q: I can’t come on my birthday. Can I get free admission to a Hoyts Cinemas on another day?

    A: Unfortunately, no. The free admission to a Hoyts Cinema on your birthday offer is only valid for free admission on your birthday between August 1, 2009 and July 31, 2010.

  4. Kaye said:

    Not much of a freebie Hoyts are offering then, is it?

    If Hoyts were serious about a voucher it would come with at least a 1 month use by date valid from date of individual birth.

    1: Most people celebrate with family and friends on the day of their birthday. I sincerely doubt they would drag these people along to the movies with them just so they themselves could redeem a free ticket. Especially when those others would be paying full tote price out of their own pockets as ‘reward’ for not deserting you on your day. :-/

    2: It’d be a real fluke if the film the birthday person wanted to see was actually playing on that 1 specific day of the year.

    Happy Birthday! :-|

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