Free Maybelline Mascara Received

I was getting a little paranoid, since the reports started coming in more than a week ago, of people receiving their free Maybelline Mascara; I thought someone was stealing my mail, no Ponzu Sauce yet either! Anyway it finally arrived today, a free full sized mascara from Maybelline, for joining myMNY.

Free Maybelline Mascara Received

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  1. alex said:

    Wow you got a different one.

    btw you can make your own ponsu sauce. get soy sauce, sugar and rice vinegar.

  2. Taz said:

    Yea i also got a different one to this ;p

    i received it today =]

    man i was so happy, i was litterally jumping up and down when i received it.

    Mine is called Lash Discovery

  3. Maddy said:

    i got the same one as you today except mine appears to be clogged.

  4. Teresa said:

    I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I’ve been wanting to try a Mascara that has more of a “comb” rather than a brush.

    Alex I didn’t realize that’s all there was to Ponzu sauce.

  5. alex said:

    Yes that is all there is.

  6. Lozz said:

    Wow this is a pretty generous offer that Maybelline had going! i got the Lash discovery one too (i got sent 2) They cost 16.45 at Woolies!! Wonder if i could ‘return’ them!! Jokes, but it could work!

  7. bec said:

    signed up for me and my mum hers has arrived by mine hasn’t she got the lash discovery

  8. tahn said:

    i received the water proof lash discovery about a week after i joined, im thrilled with it as its the one i usually buy..cheers

  9. Taz said:

    Lozz how did you get sent 2?? lol lucky!!

    oh and tahn, u got urs about a week after u signed up?? that was quick lol

  10. Michelle said:

    I got 2 too!

  11. Serenity said:

    I got Lash Discovery last week and my best friend got hers at the same time :) very generous offer!

  12. Naomi said:

    I had submitted my form a while ago and had forgotten about it until it arrived in the post this week.
    It’s great, a cute, compact mascara – Lash Discovery from Maybelline NY.
    If you missed out on this opp. sign up anyhow, because there are more freebies in store :)

  13. Teresa said:

    Looks like they’ve given out the 20,000 free products, you can still sign up to myMNY, however a free product is not offered any more.

  14. dannielle said:

    i got the mascara and the ponzu sauce too so dont know whats happening there mum even gave me her sauce

  15. Serenity said:

    Yep got my ponzu sauce as well, same day as the mascara :)

  16. Haylz said:

    I signed up for this yeh probley about 2 years ago and never ever ever recived anything i think i signed up twice too:( But a couple of months appart

  17. Chyanne said:

    how do you order it????

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