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Register with Loreal to receive a free sample of Derma Genesis.

Click here to register with Loreal.

Thanks Rebecca!

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  1. Tina said:

    To whom it may concern

    Recently on the television I was made aware of the promotion that you have for the L’Oreal Derma Genesis Cream. Upon going to the website instructed to it did not take me any where to enter my details for the free product. The website instructed was If you could please let me know where to go to get this free product it would be greatly appreciated.

    Yours sincerely

    Tina Cheeseman

  2. Teresa said:

    Hi Tina,

    You’re at the correct site, wait for the page to load, it’s a flash site and may take a little while depending on your connection. Once the page loads, around the middle of the page you should see, “Click here to register for your free sample”. I’ve included a screenshot below for you:

  3. Just a Note For all tehm Big Companies that offer freebees.
    I am sad as there is a Kylie Minogue Give Away of Showtime…. The only catch is we live in the Bush hardly ever get to go to Perth as it is 600km away from where we live.

    Can anybody tell us outa towners how we can be so lucky as to receiving this free sample.

    Thanks to all for your help

  4. Lisa said:

    I have also had trouble with this website: it only gets to 75% loading.

  5. Angie said:

    I am a member of the Loreal Beauty Club, however I have tried numerous times to request for a sample for L’Oreal Derma Genesis Cream however it does not allow me to do this.


  6. Teresa said:

    Lisa and Angie, I’ve never had a problem with the site. I’ve just tested it and it’s loading fine for me. The “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page, only gives this phone number 1-300-659-359, no idea how much that call is going to cost you though.

  7. Teresa said:

    Bernadette I was at Myer on the weekend and they were very generous with the samples. I don’t have any Kylie Minogue samples but I do have:
    Ralph Lauren Romance
    Armani Code
    Diesel Fuel for Life

    If you are interested in those contact me via the Contact Form and I’ll be happy to send them to you:

  8. jean jenkins said:

    I am having trouble getting the loreal register form

  9. Sandy said:

    I am also having problems loading the website to obtain a free sample of dermagenesis.

    I have tried on several occasions but it will not load.

  10. Irene said:

    I have just submitted my details and the site said it’ll be sent to me soon!!! Hope you all get yours!! Just scrool to the very top of this page and click on the link “Click here to register with Loreal” Then click a grey face, which is in a hexgon, with the writing “Click Here to register for your free samples”.It be on another page! Read the last bit of writing, which will say”If you are not registered”, then click the button which is below the writing, which says SUBMIT. fill out your details and remeber to click the terms and conditions box!! After you’ve filled in the details, click the button at the bottom, which says ” register now”. Then there will be some writing in a box, which says it’ll be sent to you soon!! HOPE IT HELPS!!!

  11. Jean Hamilton said:

    Hello, L’Oreal Dermogenesis.
    I registered for the freebie, got a friendly Hi from an American site, still waiting for the freebie.
    Sent a reply to that e-mail address, bounced back from an Amewrican website, wld U beloieve, undelivered.
    What a lot of aggro just to get a free sample!
    What about sending me the free sample and forget the heavy marketing smog?
    *** Address Removed ***

  12. Teresa said:

    Hi Jean,

    The Freebies Blog is in no way associated with L’Oréal. To receive your free sample of Derma Genesis you need to register with the L’Oréal site, here’s the link:
    (the sample is still currently available)

  13. Jodi said:

    I am having trouble trying too.

  14. paris said:

    I have also had trouble getting through to this website,could you please advise what i can do,many thanks. paris.

  15. Teresa said:

    For those having trouble accessing the site, are you on dial up?

  16. diane said:

    could you please tell me how long it takes to receive your sample. i registered about three weeks ago. thank you

  17. Teresa said:

    Hi Diane, I’ve not yet received this one myself, and I signed up when I first posted it.

  18. Vivienne said:

    i havent received it and i signed up when the offer was first out. not good.

  19. Toni said:

    I too registered when it was first out, & am still waiting. So is my mother & my neighbour.

    Do you think they’ve stiffed us? or just so many people registered?

  20. Kathy said:

    I have faith that this one will come eventually… only because I saw it being marketed on commercial tv.

  21. lily said:

    i received this item a few days ago

  22. Irene said:

    I haven’t got mine yet!!!!:(

  23. Jaye said:


    I found it easy to register on the loreal site. I gather that ease is linked to your PC / internet capabilities because of the flash player requirements. Can’t wait for my sample :).

    But there were problems with the libra site !

  24. Jaye said:

    oh great the offer has expired

    the sample will never arrive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. sharon said:

    tried to submit details for free sample of loreal but would not accept post code and would not let me go any further it accepts everything else yours dissapointed

  26. Teresa said:

    Hi Sharon, this offer has now expired.

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