Free LikeHate Sticker Set

The LikeHate app will be released for the iOS on 20th March, Android and Windows phone apps are planned for April and May respectively. In the mean time why not request a free LikeHate Ultimate Sticker Kit.

Click here to visit LikeHate. (free sticker set link on the right)

Free Like Hate Sticker Set

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Worldwide  Expires: Expired


  1. Michelle said:

    Was too slow :
    We are currently out of stock, get back later

  2. Teresa said:

    Wow that was fast wasn’t expecting that, thanks Michelle.

  3. Teresa said:

    The form is open again.

  4. Michelle said:

    But with conditions : Due to the limited number of sets, we ask you to share this link with friends, and if you get in top 500 sharers, we’ll ship you the set for free, thanks

    Odd that they want more and more people to sign up but only limited sticker sets. Guess they want a database.

  5. Teresa said:

    Thanks Michelle I’ve now marked the offer expired. The new conditions really don’t make any sense, I wonder if sign ups prior to the new conditions will receive stickers hmmm…

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