Free Libra Girl Starter Kit

From the page:

The libragirl starter kit has been specially designed for when you’re just starting out with getting your periods. Inside, you’ll find samples of our pads, tampons and liners so you can find out what suits you best.

Click here for a free Libra Girl Starter Kit – Australia (then click “Become a Libragirl” link at the top).

Click here for a free Libra Girl Starter Kit – New Zealand (then click “Become a Libragirl” link at the top).

Free Libra Girl Starter Kit

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Australia & New Zealand  Expires:


  1. Laura said:

    I got this item in the post, I live in Perth Australia. It’s really cool, you get pads and tampons etc in it, came in the post after about one month.

  2. Teresa said:

    I’ve received this freebie as well.

  3. Leanne said:

    I recieved this freebie within 2 weeks of requesting it. It has everything you could need for an “emergency” stash as well as a cute little pink pouch for little things. Great for teens as well just starting out. A great freebie :)

  4. Lucy said:

    This freebie was really good it had everything you need in an emergency and lots of info for girls who just started.

  5. smarty said:

    its awesome it really helped me when i got my period so for any girls needing advice or info go to the libragirl web site by going to google and typing in libragirl then click on libragirl:Become a libragirl
    and there are games and a diary and heeps of info and u can ask them about pubity ,meet new friends and keep up to date with ur periods !!!!! ( p.s. ask ur parents first !!!! )

  6. foxy_sensei said:

    I’ve received this freebie a couple of times and I think its great for passing on to young teens. Guaranteed to arrive and has everything for starting out. Its a well recommended freebie.

  7. Alisa said:

    I got the freebie but mine didnt come in a neat pink pouch :( It came in a pink ziplock bag instead…

  8. monique said:

    i have’t got my starter kit yet but i got an e.mail that its on its way i cant wait…..

  9. jasmine said:

    ive git my freebie and i used the tampons for the first

  10. jasmine said:

    very helpful

  11. Bec said:

    i got this about 2 weeks ago, and i loooove it! its great! im a newbie to getting my period so it was great to try and find the best pads/tampons and this sample sure has done that!

  12. coco said:

    havn’t got it yet hope its good

  13. Lorraine said:

    great sample for young girls , lovely pouch and decent contents thanks very much

  14. Joanne said:

    I received my sample 2 weeks after requesting it. It’s a very handy little pack.

  15. Karls said:

    i still havent received mine :(

  16. Kat said:

    I got mine about 4 weeks after signing up, and it came in a ziplock bag too.
    I’ve had heaps of fun putting tampons into glasses of water, and ripping pads to bits (hee hee, I love being young!), and it’s also funny reading about ‘the changes’…..

  17. Karls said:

    kat- cant say im happy to hear about your wasting of samples, but hey you do what you want with them right.

  18. SAPHIRE said:


  19. Steff said:

    I have not yet received my shipment of the Libra girl starter kit. But I hear it is great!

  20. SAPHIRE said:

    I have not yet received my shipment kit But i hear it is great too

  21. melinda said:

    i want one. ive applied for it for when i do get my period. gonna hide it in my locker for an emergency :)

  22. Hong said:

    wow im waiting for mine (:

  23. Kat said:

    Yeah, the pack is great for period newbies, but I know of an even better one.
    You get a cool pink pouch and heaps of goodies!!! Really made my day, and it arrived on my bday, which cheered me up. Go order one!

  24. Hong said:

    i got my pack ! but it doesn’t come in that pack like the picture, it comes in a pink plastic bag ):

  25. SAPHIRE said:

    I have not got my shipment kit. But waiting for it

  26. Kaydog said:

    I have not yet recived my starter kit . i ordered it 2 weeks a go so hope to recieve it this week.

  27. Kaydog said:

    Nice to now that you ripped your pads to peces but anyway how long does it take ?

  28. kaylah said:

    hi wat the hell still haven’t recieved it and it has been 3
    weeks so gay

  29. Angry said:

    Ive applied for for the libra girl website SIX weeks ago and still have not receved my sample kit so im not happy :(

  30. angry2 said:

    Im the same SIX WHOLE WEEKS AGO :(

  31. Ann-Marie said:

    I received my pack really quickly. Great samples will now continue to buy the products.

    I recommend the site especially for young girls learning about there period and body. I wish I had something like that when I was younger

  32. Soph said:

    I dont know whether I have to pay for delivery fees…Can someone describe for me how it came in the mail?


  33. Teresa said:

    Hi Soph, you just have to join and “become a libra girl” when you’re joining just tick the box to receive a free starter kit, there is no delivery fee. This was taken from the site:

    “Your Libragirl starter kit usually takes about three weeks to get to you but it may unfortunately be a little longer this month… but be patient, it’ll get there, trust us! Thanks!”

  34. Steff said:

    Hi its Steff again I signed up over 4 mouths ago and I still haven’t got my freebies and I can not beleave it has taken one little package so long to get hear I am about to give up on my hopes of it coming hear.

  35. Teresa said:

    You could always try applying again, if you are still interested.

  36. SAPHIRE said:

    Hi its saphire I can not beleave it my freebies is not hear too. I am going to give up on it BYE FROM SAPHIRE

  37. SAPHIRE said:

    Hi it saphire i got my freebies about 4 weeks a go and it was good to get it

  38. Rawinia said:

    I received my kit, 1-2 weeks after applying for it.
    Was well worth the wait lots of samples to try…

  39. jessica said:

    so exactly how long does it take for the starter pack to come? it’s now been 2 weeks for me and I still haven’t received it. So does the starter kit come in a delivered envelope or just the actual thing placed in your mailbox?

  40. Elmo 24 said:

    I have ask for the free kit about 2 weeks but i have not heard anything yet if i dont get an email do i need to ask for another one?

  41. Elmo 24 said:

    What do i Do?

  42. Teresa said:

    Elmo you can request the freebies again if you want to, but 2 weeks really isn’t a long time at all.

  43. Elmo 24 said:

    Yea ok Thanks

  44. JJ_rox_ya said:

    i applied for the kit ages ago but its stillllll not here. why is this???

  45. Elmo 24 said:

    hey same here my one has not come too how long is it meant to take?

  46. SAPHIRE said:


  47. Elmo 24 said:

    oh cool how long did yours take , what came in it? is it good?

  48. SAPHIRE said:

    Yes it was cool to get it and it was good

  49. kaylah said:

    Okay,Elmo the starter pack takes 3-4 weeks and some times longer just be patient and it will get there trust me.It takes time because the factory runs out really quick so they keep on having to stock up and at the same time there repliying to messages and 101 other things. I would know because my sister works for libragirl if you want i can check the waiting list to make sure your on there ?!?!?


  50. coolcatlulu12 said:

    hi kat i read your message and went to that site where u said to get the freebies but i couldnt find anywhere where it said u can get a freebie pack of stuff can u write me some more details please on how to get it

  51. samantha said:

    i have recived my pack but i need some one als to talk to. what do i do im to shiy

  52. Elmo 24 said:

    oh thanks everyone for all our answers but it turns out the starter kit came last week its so COOL!

  53. SAPHIRE said:

    I will Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From saphire and mum and dad.
    And a NEW YEAR.

  54. Elmo 24 said:

    oh merry christmas to u too

  55. SAPHIRE said:

    Oh Merry Christmas to you all

  56. Rachael said:

    well i got my starter pack after about three months or even two and would like to set a complaint why does it show us that it comes in a colourful pencil case but when i got my starter pack it came in a see through zip lock bag

  57. Teresa said:

    Rachael the picture above is what I received 3 years ago when the freebies was first posted. You still got your freebie, but the packaging has changed, I see no reason to complain.

  58. ash said:

    i havent got mine yet its been 7 weeks…

  59. Leanne said:

    Normally this takes around 2 – 3 weeks (depending where you live) to arrive, but if there is high demand then it may take longer. Remember everyone someone has to get these addressed and ready to post out. Also the pack in the picture has changed since I got mine too. But all in all its a great freebie and you get lots of samples regardless of packaging so why complain? I think its very generous compared to some that send you just 2 tampons.

  60. miriam said:

    please help live in the uk, my daughter is so tiny and she need sanitory pads to fit her , all the ones in uk are way to wide and long, please please someone help me!!!!!

  61. Leanne said:

    Miriam this offer is for Australia but you could try searching the net for samples offers in the UK. I do know of a site where there are heaps of them but I dont think I can tell you where they are on this site unfortunately. Just try all the companies you can think of, email them and ask, many will be happy to send you samples if you ask nicely :)

  62. kazzza said:

    hi my pack is takeing a while to come and i hope it comes soon it has been 3 weeks sense i have signed up.

  63. Leanne said:

    Kazzza it looks like these may have finally stopped. A few people I know havent got theirs and it has been over 6 months now. You could try again if you like and see what happens.

  64. esperanza said:

    You need to check with your libragirl registration to make sure that you ticked the box that said “send me out a libragirl sample”. When you sign up, it doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll get your free sample. I signed up in February and got mine about a month or so later :)

  65. Teresa said:

    Good catch esperanza, thanks for that :)

  66. VAMP4EVA said:

    I don’t know if I should get a Starter Pack but I hear it is really good. Who knows what is in there???

  67. Tina Nemoo said:

    I got my period yesterday :(

    For all you guys who are dissapointed in libra i have come to the rescue. At school we have health lessons and in health we recieved a sample bag from ‘u’ the company. I found it helpful because it had a book on changes that you are going through, a guide about their products and the pads and tampons were colourful so when you get your period they cheer you up a bit.


  68. Leanne said:

    Vamp4eva – it is worth getting, especially for younger girls. It has a little but of everything, a few pads and some tampons plus some info sheets as well. Its a shame they no longer send it in the cute little pink pencil case but its still a great pack. You can never have enough of these!

  69. Leanne said:

    I had another look at the sign up form and where there used to be a box to tick asking for the sample pack it is now gone so I guess this one has finally expired?

  70. Tina Nemoo said:

    I sighned up yesterday and it was still there…

  71. Tina Nemoo said:

    check carefuly it is at the end of the form it says sign up for free samples…

  72. Leanne said:

    I dont need this but was just checking and couldnt see it but if it is still there then everyone should be getting their sampes soon.

  73. bonnie said:

    i cant find the libra sample

  74. Jessica said:

    I was just on the website and I was about to join but I could not find the thing about the starter pack. Where is is?? Help (thankyou in advance)

  75. Lea said:

    I dont think its available anymore, the check box for the sample is no longer on the sign up page – or not that I can see anyway.

  76. Teresa said:

    I can’t help but think this is still available since they still ask for your address to sign up, now marked expired.

  77. Tina Nemoo said:

    If you enter you address in the sign up page the box will automatically pop up…

  78. Michelle said:

    This still available as we just recieved it a few days ago.

  79. Pumpkin Frills said:

    I signed up for this last week and no check box for sample pack anywhere. Some people say there is and some say there wasnt, there wasnt when I did it. Strange

  80. Teresa said:

    Now not expired, lol.

  81. Help! said:

    I have not received mine I ordered it yesterday. I have not told anyone that I ordered it yet but I am a bit embarrased to. What happens if I delete my account will they not send it to me because I kinda don’t want them to send it but I do!? Also how does it arrive, like does it come in a parcel to your front door or does it just come in your mailbox?

    Thank you so much
    Celeste :/

  82. Teresa said:

    Don’t worry about it Celeste, these types of samples always come in a plain unmarked envelope, might even be a small post pack, I can’t remember now it’s been so long since I ordered it. It comes just by ordinary mail, should just go straight to your mail box.

  83. Celeste said:

    Thank you sooo much Teresa you really helped me :)

    Celeste :) xoxo

  84. tatum said:


  85. Haylz said:

    Sadly this is now unavalible :(