Free DryNights Sample

DryNites Pyjama Pants have great new features including:

  • new pant designs
  • new sizes
  • new pack designs

Click here to request a free sample of DryNights Pyjama Pants for boys and girls. (free sample link is on the top right). Registration is required.

Free Sample of DryNights
Thanks to Samantha for sending this one in!

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  1. Leanne said:

    My son is still a little young for these but I thought would be good to have one to try when he’s a bit older. On the sample request page you can select for more information about other products if you want to which could be good. Possibly more samples?

  2. Teresa said:

    Possibly, I didn’t request this sample myself.

  3. jordan hill said:

    im a single dad of two and im sick of phoney nappies that dont obsorb at all.i waste to much money on phoney nappies.

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