Free Chamois

Complete the survey at Nulon to receive a Free Chamois.

Click here to visit Nulon.

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  1. foxy_sensei said:

    very easy survey about car care products you currently use. it says the chamois will be sent within 30 days

  2. Lizzy said:

    Survey was good but it took a while.But I think it is worth it!

  3. jenny said:

    I got this message at the end of the survey:

    “This Survey has been deactivated by the owner. “

  4. melanie said:

    i can’t find the survey

  5. foxy_sensei said:

    There was a section on the bottom left with free chamois offer on it, you just clicked it and it went to the survey. I wonder if its been removed now its been posted on freebie sites?

  6. foxy_sensei said:

    I just had a look at the site and the link to the survey has now been removed.

  7. Teresa said:

    Yep, they’ve removed it, post now marked expired.

  8. Henry said:

    I managed to complete the survey before it was removed..Do you reckon i will get my freeby?

  9. Teresa said:

    I think so ;-)

  10. lesley said:

    can somebody plse remove the nulon advert, as a lot of us wasted our time tryin 2 get to the survey thst was taken off 2 mths ago. unhappy customer.

  11. Teresa said:

    Hi Lesley, this one is actually marked expired.

  12. CRAIG WILLIAMS said:



  13. Joshie said:

    Wow!!! Happy with this freebie!!! i just got mine.. took a while but i finallly got it :D

  14. Lizzy said:

    I still havent recieved this offer. I wonder if I will actually ever get it……..

  15. Teresa said:

    No we won’t get it, the site didn’t approve of the offer being posted on various sites.

  16. Michelle said:

    That’s why it is always important to put “from a friend” or “word of mouth” if ever asked how you heard about a freebie so companies don’t remove the offer as they are worried about un-genuine people applying.

  17. Leanne said:

    Yep……did mine back in August (I think) last year and never recieved anything. Ah well, can only try :)

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