Free 2 SMRT 4U Ring

Click here to order your free stainless steel engraved 2 SMRT 4U Ring.

Free 2 SMRT 4U Ring

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  1. abbi said:

    sorry this may seem stupid but theres no way to get the ring you go on to the officail 2 smrt 4 u website push the get ur own ring and it puts u on to all these wiered pages could u email me back with how if u know how and also is postage and packaging free ?


  2. Teresa said:

    Hi abbi,

    From the link above, click on the picture of the ring, from there you are taken to a page where you have to enter your date of birth, once you’ve done that you are taken to the order form. (I’ve just checked an I have no problems accessing the order form). Other than that maybe you need to allow cookies or possibly scripts for that site.

  3. spark said:

    i never recived mine and i did it ages ago, i tried again and still got nothing but i heard lots of people did get it

  4. Teresa said:

    I’ve not yet received anything either.

  5. dannielle said:

    i have not recieved this either along with all the free stickers/books either buti have recieved a heap of other freebies off of this site well done a fantastic site i tell all my friends about it

  6. Teresa said:

    Thanks for your comments Dannielle. I like to post pics of the freebies I’ve received, just so people know they do arrive.

  7. Zoe said:

    hey i aplyed 4 one two months ago i just recived it there really cool i choose to even if u have to wait i think it worth waiting seriously not like it gona harm u if u wait a lil bit

  8. Teresa said:

    I eventually received mine also, definitely worth the wait.

  9. Evyfree said:

    Got ring with no hassles and it is absolutely cool , took no time at all to come I had it within two weeks of asking.

  10. Teresa said:

    Excellent! I’ve just checked the site and this one is still available.

  11. Jane said:

    hi i have not recieved the ring, but i will not give up.

  12. Teresa said:

    Looks like they’re still available Jane. Depending on when you ordered the ring it might be worth ordering again.

  13. Laura said:

    I ordered the ring about four weeks ago and it came today! It’s really cool, worth the wait.

  14. Michelle said:

    My ring arrived today too and like Laura I applied for it about a month ago. Remember folks – it does have to come from the USA.

  15. Teresa said:

    Looks like this one can still be ordered, might be worth a reminder post.

  16. Evyfree said:

    I ordered the ring when it first come available and got it in no time plus what an extra bonus never even asked, got 2 in the mail the other day so now my 2 daughters have one also, do not no what every one that says that they can not get them are talking about . Plus they are great.

  17. ham said:

    I have not recived mine yet but i told everyone about it.

  18. skye said:

    stil waiting

    two months on :(

  19. Evyfree said:

    No Joking, I have got this ring three times and have only asked for it once, never had no worrirs in getting it the first time, all I can say keep trying I am in australia.

  20. ham said:

    Do they give you a second one if you order it twice?

  21. Teresa said:

    I ordered it twice because it took so long, but only ended up receiving it once.

  22. spark said:

    i thought my first order didnt go though and so i did it again it does get to you it just takes a long time but its worth it so i got 4! and i thought it didnt work!

  23. skye said:

    got them :P

  24. Teresa said:

    What a great freebie and still going!

  25. ham said:

    here is one thing i want to ask,
    how do they know what size your finger is???

  26. Teresa said:

    It’s a stainless steel ring with a split in it, so it’s adjustable.

  27. skye said:

    which is pretty coolio

  28. lana said:

    mine got squashed flat in the mail

  29. Teresa said:

    Far out wonder what happened to it, they seem like pretty strong rings.

  30. jess said:

    when u put ur adress do u need to put the suburbs as well?

  31. Teresa said:

    I guess so it’s been awhile since I ordered this one.

  32. golyas204 said:


  33. Teresa said:


  34. Amanda said:

    I got my ring!! It only took about 2 weeks to come.

    Its cute too.

  35. Teresa said:

    10 months and still going strong.

  36. Amin said:

    Today I received my 2 rings. one for me and one for my girlfriend. It only took about 12 days since I sent the request and I live in Morocco btw. Thank you :)

  37. Teresa said:

    Thanks for letting us know Amin, this is a great freebie. Still available and well worth requesting.

  38. tanya said:

    just checked. expired

  39. Teresa said:

    Finally expired after 10 months, thanks for that tanya.

  40. manda said:

    i really like this reing but i cant find how to get it i looked everywhere even on thee website.
    please help

  41. Teresa said:

    Hi manda, the 2 SMRT 4U Ring has now expired.

  42. puzzled said:

    i was just wondering but isnt the 2 smrt 4 u ring only for girls and it would be very odd if a boy wore one

  43. Teresa said:

    It’s just a plain wide flat stainless steel ring, just like in the picture, I guess a guy or girl could wear it.

  44. puzzled said:

    jus wondering

  45. pumpkin_frills said:

    Apparently during this campaign they sent out over 425 000 of these rings and they want to thank everyone for helping spread the word about online predators. By the way – this link has a tab on the top right corner where you can report any online “wierdos” could be worth remembering

  46. Tori said:

    hey its like oct 19 and i wanted 2 order 1 but when i went 2 the site there is no plave where you could order them how do you get one??

  47. Teresa said:

    Hi Tori, this one expired at the end of September, not bad though it did go for about 10 months possibly more.

  48. random said:


  49. sam said:

    can anyone tell me the normal size of this ring when its not been expanded?

  50. danae said:

    They don’t have any rings left. It seems kind of stupid because they want to spread the word about online predators but don’t have that many rings to give out. I really wanted one, too! Does anyone know where else to get one?

  51. Teresa said:

    Hi Danae, this particular freebie was going strong for 10 months, possibly more. Not bad at all considering this was offered worldwide. I don’t know of any where else to get one, sorry.

  52. hayley said:

    i have only got 2 freebies and entered into heaps but still nothing:(

  53. hayley said:

    yay i got another freebie today!! makes 3!

  54. jenny said:


    is there a place or web ware i can go to, to get the 2 smrt 4 U ring? i am willing to buy it.. . . !

  55. Qiana said:

    it keeps saying the website where u have to order the ring won’t load and i tried clicking on the picture and it deosn’t do anything!

  56. Teresa said:

    Qiana, this post is more than 2 years old and now expired.
    Comments on this post are now closed.