Ferrero Collection Chocolates & Stationery Giveaway

More chocolates, more stationery and more giveaways to come. Todays giveaway:

  • Ferrero Collection Chocolates
  • A6 Canvas Notebook
  • Bic Cristal Pocket Scented Fruit Perfumed Ink Pen

Just leave a comment below to enter, any type of comment can win but please keep it family friendly.

Please don’t forget:

  • No more than 5 lines per comment
  • One comment per IP address please, multiple comments from the same IP, people using different emails or proxies will be disregarded.
  • Comments will close in 24 hours and the winner announced on Friday 29th October.
  • The winner will receive an email from The Freebies Blog and have 24 hours to reply or the prize is forfeited.

Ferrero Collection Chocolates & Stationery Giveaway

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  1. Suzi-an said:

    Chocolate! = D

  2. Fiona said:

    cool :)

  3. amulya said:

    oh ferrero !!!!!!!!!! they are my favourite. Hope i get this time

  4. Victoria said:

    What could be better than delicious Ferrero chocolates to snack on whilst writing in a new notebook with scented ink? Please pick me :-)

  5. Yavis said:

    ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ On Halloween the thing you must do ٩(-̮̮̃-̃)۶ Is pretend that nothing can frighten you ٩(●̮̮̃•̃)۶ And if something scares you and you want to run ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶ Just let on like it’s Halloween fun ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶

  6. nathan said:

    I’m a freebies freak, I blog about it here:


    If I won these goodies, I’d have something to blog about! :)

  7. Charbel Salloum said:

    I’m sooooo glad that Ferrero’s slipped from the heavens to be discovered by man.

  8. pinky said:

    `·. CHOCOLATE!
    `·. FERERROS THE MOST!! (not more than TFB!)

  9. Heather said:

    Yum Ferrero chocolate and a great reusable box.

    handy note book

  10. Tass said:

    A fruit scented pen and a box of Ferrero chocolate… what better way of studying for my HSC!!! :P

  11. Ainslie said:

    Yum yum! Chocalate. I can has sugar rush!!

  12. Theo said:

    Those chocolates will be gone within 9 seconds.

  13. Forget Love – I’d rather fall in chocolate. :)

  14. Laura said:

    My English teacher is being transferred after Christmas- I would love to give her these to say goodbye! (But if our petition is successful, my best friend’s birthday us right around the corner)

  15. Ez said:

    Yay another chocolate and stationary combo! I’m just starting the semester so I hope I got this one <3

  16. Dee said:

    spending these lovely spring days lying on green grass watching clouds go by just got better with a cute complimenting notebook and chocolates to share all around!

  17. holly wilshire said:

    Oh lovely, i couls snack on the lovely chocolates while I write in my notebook all about my baby bump with the lovely pen. What a lovely way to capture those pregnancy moments.

  18. elle said:

    how wonderful! i absolutely love chocolate!! perfect giveaway.

  19. Jennifer said:

    Ferrero! *drools*

  20. nikki said:

    Simple…. YUM!!!

  21. Haven said:

    Mmmmm, chocolate…
    Oh darn, all over my keyboard too!

  22. kookie said:

    I am a student. Chocolates and notebooks during the exam season are essential. crosses arms, legs and fingers…oh and a prayer.

  23. LaurafromOz said:

    The chocolates will give me the brain power to write in the very dainty notebook

  24. Rachel said:

    9 out of 10 people love chocolate.. the tenth person always lies!

  25. Diana said:

    The perfect combination to get me through NaNoWriMo in November! [National Novel Writing Month]

  26. Zoe said:

    Wow. I can’t believe your generosity!

  27. KW said:

    Appreciate the competitions! – Looks lovely here.

  28. melissa said:

    What could be better than delicious Ferrero chocolates to snack on whilst writing in a new notebook with scented ink? Please pick me :-)

  29. Melissa J said:

    SOOOOO Pretty
    …and yummy (of course)
    I have never owned a scented pen and would love to see what it is like :)

  30. Michelle said:

    Look, I love Chocolate so much… My keyboards chocolate!
    ✿*゚‘゚・✿.。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。✿*゚‘゚・✿ ❤ ✿*゚‘゚・✿.。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。

  31. Tracey said:

    chocolate = ecstasy

  32. Tracey said:

    or ecstasy is CHOCOLATE

  33. Sandra thomson said:

    Chocolate chocolate chocolate……. yes please :-)

  34. julie alderton said:

    sweet chocolate
    wrapped in scented foil
    i devour thee
    while writing out my life’s toil.
    with a scented pen that reminds me of the pasts that unfurls.

  35. Susan Dredge said:

    Chocolate gives me migraines, but the notebook will give me much pleasure.

  36. Stuart said:

    Chocolates look great,
    Promise to share with my mates.
    As for the notepad,
    Im sure the wife will be glad.

  37. PAULINE HYDE said:

    Without Ferraro each day is just a date by which bills must be paid.

  38. Margot Korbell said:

    Chocolate and stationery!!! Perfect! Two of my favourite things and just what I need.

  39. Judi said:

    Ferrero chocolate is just the best and love the cute stationery too which is always useful.

  40. katrina said:

    How perfect!!!
    Id write down all my wedding ideas in the notebook while eating the chocolates!!

  41. Gorden said:

    _____________,-.___ _
    |____ { {]_]_] [_]
    |___ `—–.__\ \_]_]_ . `
    | `—–.____} }]_]_]_ ,
    |_____________/ {_]_]_]_] , ` `-‘

  42. jenny said:

    love the chocolates and a fruity pen to just the same as i appreciate you with all the samples you give makes my day so good to

  43. Kellie Wex said:

    yummy choccies and a handy note book just what you need what your pregnant :)

  44. Mai said:


  45. Dreamer said:

    When i first heard someone said ferrero i thought they meant ferrari. XD

  46. Haley said:

    I gotta win this time … for the god sake the choc looks so good ! :D

  47. Choc19 said:

    Barbara says I cant have a bank loan but she lives in Bank world I live in the real world and chocolate makes the world go round!!! YUM

  48. sabam said:

    ferrero chocolates yeapeeeeeee
    my small baby will love this if she get this one

  49. darwin said:

    Ferrero; The Golden Balls, Luv them :)

  50. Suzy said:

    What can i say, but GIMME GIMME MORE!

  51. Angie Y said:

    Mmmm…. Ferrero chocolates, maybe even a love note to the landlord!

  52. Jordan said:

    write my homework in the book, and then reward myself with the chocolates after. its a win win situation :)

  53. Julie said:

    oh yum yum, i just love fererro

  54. Esperanza said:

    Experts say you should write your worries down.
    With that notebook I suppose I could give it a whirl.
    And if that fails…
    Chocolate never fails!! :)

  55. Agnes said:

    fererro’s love!

  56. teresa said:

    im turning 50 in november, so it would be a GREAT birthday present for me from you thank you, love ya ;)

  57. Jodie said:

    Absolutely exquisite, divine, delicious chocolate that melts in my mouth. Gorgeous notebook to always keep my notes with me in my handbag. Love you guys.

  58. Rebecca Heath said:

    I love, smells like chocolate flowers…

  59. Tanya said:

    my very fave chocolate :) Thanks

  60. Sharon Wong said:

    random fact:
    The brain of a roach is located inside of its body. If a roach loses its head, it can live up to nine days. A decapitated roach dies not because it cannot think, but because it cannot eat.

  61. Ann-Marie said:

    I’m melting , melting. Just like the wicked witch said in ‘Wizard of Oz’. The Ferrero Chocolates will be screaming it from my mouth as I eat them.

    eehhhehehhhehe (wicked witch laugh)

  62. Helen said:

    Yummy, what an awesome freebie!

  63. kim said:

    I am known at the list making queen. I adore cute stationary… and yummy chocolate xo

  64. Annamaree said:

    My day: Mega Medical tests of various types. 3 Blood tests and now my arm is killing me and is super bruised and swollen. And i have to go for more blood tests next week. I would really love to win this so i have SOMETHING to smile about.

  65. rose said:

    chocolate is such a joy children know is gives me joy..

  66. Robyn said:

    hmmmm……third time lucky I hope!!!
    if I don’t win this time I’ll feel like a dope!!

  67. Erica said:

    Ferrero Chocolate the ultimate delicate taste for tiny indulgances … Scented ink pen with note pad for the messages I want to leave the love of my life,beats text message’s any day… I so want this . Thank you

  68. Leonora said:

    Trick or Treat? Can I have Ferrero Chocolate please?

  69. Natasha said:

    Hi, this is my first post. Love this website. I hope I win!

  70. gen said:

    Ferraro’s… oh so yummy yummy in my tummy, whilst I’m busy making my compulsive lists with the gorgeous notepad and and scented fruit pen.

  71. Claudia said:

    Knock knock!
    Who’s there?
    Imogen who?
    Imogen life without chocolate!

  72. jess said:

    Busy busy with the baby…need a break with some Ferraro’s.

  73. Kylie said:


  74. Cerryn said:

    count me in :)

  75. Izabela Raileanu said:

    I love freebies! I adore all kind of gifts, i like to offer them and also to receive them.

  76. Daniel said:

    its yum

  77. natalie reardon said:

    they are the best chocolates by far

  78. Deborah said:

    chocolate 4 u…
    chocolate 4 me…
    i love chocolate….
    because it’s free!!!!

  79. Ann said:

    There are many reasons why chocolate is better than sex…I could write them down with my new pen.

  80. Paul said:

    Some chocolates would be nice and they are my favorites also a notebook would be good and a smelling pen would be different. Thanks if I get them.

  81. Jess said:

    Scented pens… Wow, I haven’t seen those since I was in Primary School! Ah, memories!

  82. Brendan said:

    My stepson would love the choccies after his ear operation on Monday!!!!

  83. Amanda said:

    chocolate + notebook set = HEAVEN!! (well in my eyes anyway ;) )

  84. lynette said:

    omg i luv scented pens, an old childhood memory & who couldn’t love some yummy choc to go with it…mmmmm!!

  85. charmaine said:

    I’m loving your generosity! ;)

  86. Calista said:

    When I see you FOR THE FIRST TIME, I know you are the one . I regret not asking you out and wonder IF WE EVER MEET AGAIN. I thought it was JUST A DREAM but when I found this blog, I know I had found one of my TEENAGE DREAM. Oh, my Ferrero, I CHOOSE YOU and accept you JUST THE WAY YOU ARE

  87. spicyrice said:

    Ahhhh, the memories!

  88. Margaret said:

    OMG My most favouritest Chocolate Mmmm Heavenly – 2 die 4

  89. Lorraine Askwith said:

    The diet will have to wait! – just love Ferrero Chocs and I need a nice notebook and pen which will remind me of the chocs every time I use it.

  90. Kat said:

    Chocolate!!! :D:D:D

  91. peeko said:

    Ferrero !??!?

    My mums favorite!! Roll on Xmas pressies!

  92. Tony said:

    I love chocolate, I want it NOW!! Oh, give me my fix…. i’m hurting, i’m hurting!! :(

  93. Peepee said:

    Good on you. :)
    Lovely ferrero rocher is the chocolate from heaven

  94. Tonia said:

    oh~~~~~~~even I will get on weight“““I still want to eat them all…………………………….O(∩_∩)O~

  95. Brittney said:

    Chocolate and a note book and pen
    (they can join the pet rock :/

  96. The notebook is so purdy!

  97. talli (immitating Pepe Le Pew) said:

    Ah, my little darling, it is love at first sight, is it not, no?
    Don’t move, darling. I want to remember you just as you are,
    You are my peanutbutter, my Ferrero
    Where are you, my little object of art? I am going to collect you!

  98. I would love to win these for mummy! She would just love the choccies and the note book is so cute. Woof! Either way, keep up the great work posting all the freebies. We love your blog.

  99. SAMREEN said:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,love ferrero chocolate with beautiful pink notebook and will be so loving if i could win as i am preparing my exam.

  100. belinda said:

    Notebook & pen (so cute!) would be perfect for jotting down wedding ideas (30/7/10) & 1st home organising stuff (2wks till we move in!) Chocolates will be a great celebration treat after moving in & all our hard work (or to share with our family to say thanks for helping!)

  101. Skyebe said:

    No matter how deep my love of stationary runs, I’m pretty sure i don’t have a chance of having the wittiest remark, so i will leave you with a bad joke.

    Two goldfish were in a tank. One said to the other “You drive, i’ll man the guns.”

  102. mark said:


  103. Trish said:

    Ferrero chocolate is wonderful at any time – NOW would be good. The Notebook and Scented Fruit Perfume Ink Pen -now that’s a bonus!

  104. Rae said:

    ferrero! i’ve been eating it since i was 7 years old, and i don’t mind going back to the good ol’ days (:

  105. Jacqui said:

    Oh my, That little array of Ferrero’s looks so deliicious! I would love to win, but either way, win or lose thank you for putting these give aways up, it’s a great idea and makes the world a happier place! And its good to get to read everyone elses little thoughts too!

  106. Jemimah Kendall said:

    as a mother of three kids all under the age of five these are two things I need the most, a notepad to write everything in because I’m losing my mind and chocolate to calm my nerves because drinking isn’t an option LoL

  107. Nicole said:

    best. giveaway. ever! chocolate!!! :)

  108. Do you have to say nice things here to be accepted. I think that Ferrero Rochers are an amazing marketing success but not my favourite chocolate.

  109. Amanda Gorton said:

    Taking notes is easy when I have ‘brain’ food with me!

  110. agata said:

    lovely things, would be fun to win them :)

  111. Lyn said:

    Ferrero’s a jolly good chocolate
    Ferrero’s a jolly good chocolate
    Ferrero’s a jolly good chocolate
    And so say all of us
    Me especially :)

  112. Noela said:

    What a delicous combination.
    Write and take a whiff! Scented Fruit Pen while enjoying my favorite and scrumptious Ferrero Chocolates.

  113. Ronda said:

    Some delicous Ferrero Chocolates to snack on while searching for freebies!

  114. Trudie said:

    ¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.
    (but not as much as the Freebies Blog ;-)

  115. cats66 said:

    My husband has gone away for two weeks with his job and I would use the notebook to write loveletters to him. I would save the chocolate for when he is home so we could share it together.

  116. Caroline Rose said:

    I will be having surgery in next few weeks and am very nervous about having the surgery, the delicious chocolates and gorgeous notebook will surely put a smile to my face :)

  117. Kellie said:

    Yes Please xx

  118. Teej said:

    Ferrero, cute note pads and fancy pens, what more could anyone want – the three staples in the whole wide world.

  119. sandy said:

    Ferrero Chocolate is just as good as an Orgasm,
    and right now I need a Good Orgasm

  120. Tom Mildred said:

    A well noted product by Ferrero reviewed with impeccable taste pres(c)ented on the inked note..

  121. Dawn said:

    My two favorite types of gifts are Ferrero chocolates & or stationery so I would feel so privileged to receive both in one gift. I do hope you will select me this time.

  122. Merryl said:

    What a wonderful way to start the weekend … with chocolate!! Mmmm yummm!!

  123. Debra Moody said:

    I can smell the beautiful perfume fruit coming from my pen as I write in my new note book how grateful and happy I am for winning this prize, then I pop another ferrero chocolate in my mouth how lucky am I, hope this is not just a dream.

  124. Ivana said:

    ohhhhh i love pink and love love love chocolate
    planning my wedding so the notebook will come in handy in writing all the wedding information in.
    PICK ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  125. Liz said:

    Just got a job!
    Celebrate with chocolate!
    Write and tell all friends!
    Handy having both to win!

  126. Leah Kelly said:

    wonderful wordbook will look lovely on my bedside table, on stand by for those times I wake up with my brilliant ideas! The chocolate would also suit the same place!

  127. Tuo Chen said:

    I’ve never so into a chocolate brand other than this one.

  128. Di Smith said:

    Ahh, sitting eating chocolate and witing notes with scented ink we would be living a genteel life more “Jane Austen” than Jane Austen.

  129. MADHI said:

    Is chocolate something to fear — is it really a curse?
    Is it something to be avoided, or is it much worse?
    Or… is chocolate the eighth wonder? Is it a total delight?
    Something you savor for so long? Or love with all your might?

    where is my pen and notebook to continue writing?

  130. Tania Carling said:

    As I put pen to paper,
    my mind goes a blank,
    brain food im needing
    To win Ferrero im pleading..

  131. Kate Beckers said:

    I am hoping that you read all of these comments as i am so far down the line :-(
    Considering its my Bday on Nov 14th and my favourite chocolates are Ferrero’s this would be a prefect gift from my “kids”

  132. susan strahl said:

    oohhhh what a tease, i never win

  133. Landel said:

    I do the cha cha like a little sissy girl.
    I lika do the cha cha…

  134. Rebecca said:

    What do you want me to do? Dress in Drag and do the Hula?

  135. Julie-Ann said:

    I love Chocolate. With 5 kids and a full time job chocolate is my indulgance

  136. Claire said:

    mm… chocolate looks nice, pen tastes nice, book smells nice

  137. jen said:

    need chocolate
    in the mist of yr 12 exams
    need chocolate!!!

  138. sonya said:

    Am I too Late…… Well I just thought I’d inform you all I licked the chocolates first, so does anybody still want them?!…………..

  139. Tina said:

    Chocolate will help me smile :)

  140. Barbara Maffei said:

    Ferrerrrrrro Hummmm! I love it :)

    Chocolate is the fuel of my livfe !! I can’t live without them
    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  141. Lisa said:

    Ferreros are like a Ferrari – Here 1minute, gone the next!
    Who needs perfume when you have a fruity scented pen & notebook??

  142. Leanne said:

    Did you know that fruit + pressure = juice!!!!

  143. Pippy said:

    Straight from the lips to the hips…but it just tastes so good!

  144. sunny said:

    writing about somthing , where i smell the Fruit Perfumed Ink from the Pen. went into dream land of fruit tree with choclate in it. imagination runing wild.

  145. Jenny said:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Chocolates….. mmmmmm smelly pen, just waht a girl needs to get through the day.

  146. je said:

    wow pick me i love to taste ferreros, they look very posh.

  147. kyah said:

    The FERRERO Collection sent from above
    An angel flew by and dropped them with love
    Waiting with patience for someone to find
    With warmth and kindness this gift has been signed.
    created by kyah

  148. kasey ball said:


  149. Victor said:

    Freebies! :)

  150. Liz said:

    with the pen and paper I can write an ode to the lovely chocolates!

  151. Joshie said:

    What is love that I would fight dragons to rescue you?
    What is love that I would walk a million miles to be by your side?
    What is love that I would steal the stars to make a sparkling ring for you?

    My love is chocolate, tehehe :D

  152. Cintia said:


  153. melissa mullee said:

    I have entered all these competitions and have not won yet :( plus i have exams coming up and would love a note pad and chocies!! Thank you :)

  154. Sarah said:

    Shitty day, broken car cost me all my savings to fix.
    Brother just won a $50 000 car.
    Feeling low =(

  155. linda kitschke said:

    perrrrfect gift for someone special

  156. Ashika said:

    mmmmmmmmmmm Nice………chocolate….yummmmm

  157. Weiss said:

    My boyfriend broke up with my. I need chocolate. Pleeeease?

  158. misty said:

    i do like chocolate

  159. Sandy said:

    Ahhh ! free chocolate ! oh yeah, and those other things.

    YUMM !

  160. Helena Postmus said:

    A book, a pen, and chocolate – life’s perfect pleasures.
    I gave Ferrero a really good rating in a survey, Id like to collect this as a reward.

  161. Jo Georges said:

    An A6 not pad and a fruit scented pen, would help since exams are coming up quick, whilst enjoying a mouth watering chocolate. Study for science: the path of the chocolate into the body, maths: how many people really love chocoalte, english: An essay on chocolate.

  162. Maria said:

    Just pick me already.

  163. Dawn hogan said:

    i love ferrero mmm ,my fav colour is pink,perfect

  164. Lisa Merlot said:

    What a great opportunity to give something out of kindness, that can brighten someone’s day. Good idea! Spread the love! Lisa.

  165. Jess Chibber said:

    This is such a pretty freebie. I am sure that it would make any girls day. That’s a bit of a hint to all you boyfriends out their!

  166. julia said:

    for that special someone or special time ALWAYS FERRERO, the name, taste and presentation,say it all.

  167. Teresa said:

    Thanks everyone, comments are now closed.