Deal or No Deal DVD Game & Cocktail Recipe Cards Giveaway

Two Giveaways today the Deal or No Deal DVD Game and Cocktail Recipe Cards. There’s a catch with todays giveaway you have to choose just one and let me know in your comment, comments can be about anything you like but please keep them family friendly.

Please don’t forget:

  • You must choose the giveaway you would like
  • No more than 5 lines per comment
  • One comment per IP address please, multiple comments from the same IP, people using different emails or proxies will be disregarded.
  • Comments will close in 24 hours and the winner announced on Friday 5th November.
  • The winner will receive an email from The Freebies Blog and have 24 hours to reply or the prize is forfeited.

Deal or No Deal DVD Game

Cocktail Recipe Cards Giveaway

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  1. Laura said:

    I’m underage, so I’d love the game to play with my grandma who’s nuts for it!

  2. Tash M said:

    Hi there!

    I think the cocktail recipe cards would be awesome for my girls night with my sister. We could shake up a couple of drinks after the kids go to sleep (we rarely drink!), sounds like fun to me!

  3. lizi said:

    Yes i have been looking for this game ,my husband is the greatest fan of the show and thought it would make a gift to surprise him with on christmas morning.Wow what a deal!!!!

  4. Margot Korbell said:

    Can’t afford cocktails so it will have to be Deal or No Deal so I can win (or not) heaps of fantasy money to fuel my fantasies of leaving struggle street for a more comfortable life.

  5. Ka le ah said:

    I would love the Cocktail Recipe cards please!….because I’m a piss head!

  6. shane mobbs said:

    huge fan of deal or no would be ideal 4 lazy or rainy nights with friends with a couple of drinks.let the game begin….deal…..or……no deal

  7. Dee said:

    I’ll a cocktail please. Shaken not stirred!

  8. caro said:

    This would be fun to play with my grandchildren. We always watch the show

  9. rex said:

    would love to play deal or no deal with my mates

  10. tom said:

    hi, im a carer for my elderly grandmother my grandmother cant do much because of her fractured back but its her 89th birthday on the 11th of november and she would love nothing more than to sit down and watch her favourite show like she does everynight at 5:30 deal or no deal thanks heaps

  11. Amanda said:

    deal or no deal is the bomb
    they think they’ll win then they’re gone
    to watch is pretty awesome too
    but what if the winner was you!

  12. jade said:

    It’s my sisters 19th Birthday on Sunday and she would love these, and when she loses the deal or no deal game she can just get pissed! ;)

  13. Helen said:

    It would be great to play Deal or no deal at home! I watch the show each day :)

  14. Glo said:

    I pick case number 7:
    which i think contains the deal or no deal DVD!!
    lets play the game Andrew!!!

  15. Samara said:

    Ill take the Deal thanks Andrew… DEAL OR NO DEAL!

  16. BillyBob said:

    NO DEAL!

  17. Greg said:

    Whats the difference between a clown and a lawyer? no difference both are qualities needed to be a game show host.

  18. mirek said:

    forget about game. I want the cocktail card. Will be able to entertain myself after:-)

  19. Dawn said:

    I have just driven over 180 klms to a dentist so I would love to be able to mix a cocktail to cheer me up right now. I hope to be a lucky winner of the cocktail cards.

  20. sarah said:

    its my 21st birthday in 2 weeks after a nice family dinna we are having a cocktail paty the cocktail recipe cards would be perfect for my night!

  21. Jacqui said:

    To make a deal or make a drink?
    To lose the lot or win the pot?
    To spend a lot to end up sloshed?
    I think I’d like the deal!

  22. PAULINE said:

    I want to say,
    That I’d love to play,
    Deal or No Deal,
    While I eat my meal!

  23. Annamaree said:

    The Deal or no Deal game sounds great to me.
    I have 3 kids and we dont own any video games like Wii or playstations so perhaps this DVD would keep my kids happy on Christmas Day.
    Probably not inventive enough to win but least i tried.

  24. Bonnie said:

    Love Deal or No Deal. Would love to have this to play with my family for games night.

  25. amanda said:

    oh my god ever since i seen that game ive wanted to buy it i watch it every night on tv. love it love it love it

  26. Keryn Greenman said:

    Forget the cocktail cards, I have kids & don’t need to wake up with a hangover….give me the DVD so all the family can play….:)

  27. Skyebe said:

    No thanks. Deal or no deal makes me want to punch people in the arm, so cocktails it would have to be. I can make them for my friends who drink, and watch the hilarity ensue.

  28. Rhianna said:

    I’d love a copy of the Deal or No Deal DVD game please -I’m always watching the show and thinking of what I would do if I was there!

  29. Justin Collins said:

    Considering I have my James Bond themed cocktail party for my 21st coming up, the Cocktail cards would be a fantastic aide to whoever ends up with the job of barman :P

  30. Diane Legros said:

    This website has some great things for us bargain betty’s toothpaste, music, shampoo & coffee to name but a few
    I think a nice cocktail while searching for more freebies
    would have me thanking you

  31. Julie-Anne Frew said:

    I would love to win the Deal or No Deal DVD, I love watching the show and always feel sorry for the people who go away with hardly any money!

  32. gary said:

    my wife and i never miss deal or no deal on tv.we would love to play the game even on weekends.

  33. Leanne said:

    to have deal or no deal supporting surf life saving OR to play deal or no deal with surf life saving supporting the winner- 3 lifelines when the big one gets knocked out maybe….

  34. sunny said:

    no idea what to comment but in simple word. give me the deal. find some other comment expert. who always win for sure other then us who are not comment professional.

  35. Wayne said:




  36. Regan said:

    my words arnt fancy, there just real
    I would sooooooooo love to win the deal

  37. Neeley said:

    The Cocktail set would be great as the girls and i lurve our cocktails and would love to do a cocktail party sometime…

  38. Wendy Davis said:

    Love watching deal or no deal, and would love to win this deal.

  39. Calvin said:

    Its Deepavali Day (indian new year) today,
    Dance dance dance, Shake shake shake ^^
    Give me the gift

  40. Lyn said:

    Cocktail receipes would be a treat
    For my daughter oh so sweet
    A busy worker and Mum of two
    A chance to relax and be so ‘cool’

  41. karen said:

    I wanna be Andrew o’keefe! i would love this game he cracks me up every night.

  42. sonya said:

    Shake, Shake, Shake
    Shake, Shake, Shake
    Shake your cocktail
    Shake your cocktails…… Please!………

  43. Debra Moody said:

    Deal or No Deal for me please I will have case number 3 for the $200,00.00 or at least win this prize, and case number 3 contains……………………………..

  44. talli (immitating Pepe Le Pew) said:

    Walter can be so mean sometimes!
    Deal or No Deal!? *queue suspense music*

  45. Noela said:

    Love the show and I love to play the Deal Or No Deal game. Thanks.
    A great christmas gift idea that the whole family will enjoy playing.

  46. Ann-Marie Franjic said:

    Deal me a prize and I will deal you a good time!

  47. Biff said:

    Waiting on the cocktail hour!

  48. Esperanza said:

    Well, shake it up baby now, shake it up baby
    Twist and shout, twist and shout.
    C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon baby now, c’mon baby.
    Send me some cocktail recipes out now, recipes out now. :)

  49. Ann-Marie Day said:

    I want to know how it feels to win,
    So come on Deal me in.

  50. Choc19 said:

    Noice, Noice prize, the deal or no deal game would go great in the pool room with all the other valuables. I better go make some room!!!

  51. misty said:

    the game would be great for the kids

  52. Rachel said:

    I’d love the cocktail cards and music – my friend just got engaged yesterday (!!!) and I’ll be planning her hens night in a few months time. The cocktail set would be idea to kick off the evening!! (:

  53. freya evers said:

    My children & myself re deal or no deal freaks and it would be a fantasic chrissy present for the whole family, it will kept us happily amused for hours.!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. lynette said:

    I’d love the the deal or no deal game, we have actual games nights with friends & this would be ideal.

  55. caroline said:

    I would LOVE the cocktail recipes, as I have my hen’s night coming up and that would be sooooo handy! :)

  56. Jess H said:

    I would love the DVD game please – my family and I love playing board games, and this seems like a fun variation!

  57. julie alderton said:

    yah yah yah
    andrew your the man!
    with your charm and witt.
    make me rich.

  58. Helena Adams said:

    Cocktail Recipe Cards.

    ♫Club tropicana drinks are freeeeeeee ♫

    ..I think you, I thank you

  59. susan strahl said:

    Deal or No Deal, my grandsons aged 3, 6 & 7 love this game
    we all sit around and pick a number to see what we get.

  60. Leigh Merrett said:

    I watch Deal or No deal every night, and me and my friends would love to play this! Thanks so much.

  61. Raelene graham said:

    I’d love deal or no deal for my son,he loves this show

  62. Viv said:

    Deal or No Deal DVD Game

    can’t wait for footy season next year. go the swannies! cheer cheer the red and the white!!!

  63. Biff said:

    Deal me in! Deal me in! I feel like a winner today….

  64. pinky said:

    :) Deal or no deal -the only place you can take a gamble and wont lose a cent. If only the melbourne cup worked that way…

  65. terri said:

    deal or no deal would be a fantastic game to play with the family.

  66. Senay said:

    The dvd would be lovely!That I way If I loose I can sob in my own privacy!
    Crack open a bottle of bubbly , put the kids to be and start the game! Deffinetly a great deal :D

  67. kyah said:

    Teresa’s comps are not a race
    Though Andrew’s are to choose a case
    I chose the one with the game
    And hope Teresa thinks the same.

  68. Joshie said:

    deal or no deal?

  69. Melissa J said:

    Deal or no deal game,
    and the offer is………Deal or no deal game or scratch
    (15mins later) “This is such a hard decision but i am going to have to say “”DEAL””

  70. Teresa said:

    Thanks everyone, comments are now closed.