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Do you have a freebie you want the world to know about? Or do you just want to say how much you love The Freebies Blog? This is the place to do it.


If you’ve found a freebie you’d like to share then why not join our Forum, it only takes minutes to register and you could be in running to win the Weekly Prize. Before submitting any freebies please be sure to search The Freebies Blog and Forum, as the freebie may have already been posted.

Freebies and Free Sample Requests

If you represent a charity or non-profit organization looking for freebies, then please contact companies directly. You could start by going through the Free Samples section, finding the samples that interest you, then visit the companies website to request the samples.


Advertising is available on The Freebies Blog in the form of 125 x 125 banner graphics, prominently displayed in the upper sidebar of every page on the site. Text links are available under the logo area. Statistics and more information is available on request.

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