Cakes or Cupcakes Book Giveaway

If you’re into baking you might like this giveaway; Scrumptious Cupcakes plus an Icing & Cappuccino Stencil Set and Gorgeous Cakes with spatula. The covers of both books have a plastic feel and not a paper jacket so they would easily be wiped clean. Leave a comment below to be in the running.

Scrumptious Cupcakes

Cakes or Cupcakes Book Giveaway

Gorgeous Cakes

Cakes or Cupcakes Book Giveaway

A few simple rules apply:

  • Giveaway is open to Australian residents.
  • One comment per IP address please, multiple comments from the same IP, people using different emails or proxies will be disregarded.
  • Comments will close on Sunday 23rd October 2011 and the winner announced on Tuesday 25th October 2011.
  • The winner will receive an email from The Freebies Blog and have 48 hours to reply before another winner is drawn.

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  1. John Mizzi said:

    These look really nice

  2. Michelle Ching said:

    Mmm cakes :)

  3. Tessie said:

    I just love the butterfly stencil – sweet!

  4. Jon said:

    in it to win it

  5. Melissa J said:

    Yummy Cakes! Plus the butterfly stencil is so pretty :)

  6. Nicole said:


  7. Saima said:

    mmmm yummy cupcakes!!

  8. Cake said:

    “All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.”

  9. Amy said:

    These look awesome. Love cooking and always looking for new recipes.

  10. eunice said:

    wow. looks awesome. Love the idea of the stencils too

  11. Robyn said:

    mmmm yummy cakes! maybe a book would make me bake more!

  12. Claudia said:

    nom nom nom there’s a party in my tummy…I would love either one of these books. I’m no cook but I love to bake : )

  13. Trish said:

    I love baking cakes …. but I love eating them even more! Bliss!

  14. Catharina Lundh said:

    Love the covers – look very stylish and old fashion – looking forward to trying the yummy recipes inside!! Gotta love cupcakes!!

  15. Jutta said:

    Just what I need to give me some inspiration to do some baking.

  16. Donna said:

    I can’t begin to tell you how much I need this prize! Having just given birth to an adorable girl seven weeks ago, and about to host my first ever toddlers birthday party for my about-to-turn-two year old, this not so great in the kitchen mum has a lot of homemade cakes in her future and needs a big helping hand! (The wipeable covers are clearly made for me – I need a cleaning crew after every cake attempt I have ever made!).

  17. Kim Tini said:

    My 3yr old and i LOVE to bake together.

  18. saba nabi said:

    Cakes spread the sweetness to the whole world which is surely need of the hour

  19. Belinda said:

    This is exactly what I need to help make a birthday cake for my nephews bday.

  20. Danielle Newbury said:

    I am OBSESSED with cupcakes & this would make my kitchen complete & I could design & make my own creations at home.

  21. Melissa Hoffman said:

    I love to give cakes for birthdays,
    But I always make so many baking mistakes,
    Finally an answer to my endless dismay,
    The Freebies Blog’s giveaway of the book ‘Gorgeous Cakes’!

  22. Angel said:

    Ah something to do with my unused baking trays~!

  23. Ann said:

    The books look gorgeous – they might be just the inspiration I need to make my plain boring cakes look too mouthwatering to resist!

  24. Dylan said:

    mmm…those cakes look darn good. Gimme Gimme Gimme.

  25. Kate said:

    I cant rhyme, I cant sing but I sure can butter you up with a smile.
    Your blog is a must read. I follow it diligently.
    I’m one of your avid followers, not to forget one of the earliest subscribers, so pick me and I’ll send you some pics of the cupcakes I bake.
    Thanks ;)

  26. lorrain stone said:

    i love making cup cakes for the grandchildren & now i have a greatgrandchild to cook for

  27. kylie smith said:

    would LOVE to win the cupcake book…my kids love making new and different cakes!

  28. Maree said:

    My Miss 15 loves to cook so i would love to give her one of theses books to start her cook book collection.
    Ive been on a restricted diet in prep for a hospital visit in 2 days time. I know Miss 15 is looking forward to cooking some delights for me when i get home. Shes a sweetie.

  29. Rebecca Meyer said:

    With three beautiful daughters these beautiful cupcakes and cakes will help this mum make their birthdays a special treat please pick me pretty please with a cup cake on top

  30. Linda said:

    Either of these books would assist me to design beautiful cakes for my family for special celebrations.

  31. Dawn said:

    Devine! I loove cupcakes yummee giveme giveme…..mmmm

  32. Leila said:

    With 4 kids all of whom love cakes i am always baking and enjoying cooking cakes with the kids, this would be great for us.

  33. Vivien said:

    I absolutely love baking it is one of my passions!

  34. samreen said:

    love to win it for my hubby as he loves cupcakes so much and he’ll be over the moon if i win it.

  35. Anne said:

    Knowing the family enjoys my baking makes me so happy.

  36. Mara said:

    I love cupcakes :)

  37. elena bella said:

    cup cakes please yum yum

  38. ayesha said:

    What a great way to entice my daughter to help me ake.

  39. Melissa said:

    I need these books! I am in the middle of trying to pick a cake to make for my daughters 9th birthday and am super stuck! Love your site!

  40. elise said:

    Fingers crossed to try and improve my cake skills

  41. Sally said:

    The cake looks great! :D

  42. Eliza said:

    These look wonderful!

  43. Crystal said:

    What a perfect books for a mummy who is always looking for ways to entertain my familys sweet tooth♥ .•*¨*•♫♪.♥ .•*¨*•♫♪

  44. lynette said:

    This is the perfect way to spruce up my boring cupcakes, then try to keep them away from the kids.

  45. Lisa said:

    I’d love to win the cupcake book. :)

  46. kirsten said:

    oh yum I love cup cakes. these books are just what I need with so many birthdays coming up.

  47. Tracey Newman said:

    These look very exciting and yummy, my mum cooks a lot of cupcakes for her grandkids and they love it every time she does this for them.

  48. sarah d said:

    Woah cupcakes are so beautiful and relaxing for me. I love to decorate them and give them as presents to friends.

  49. Kelly said:

    Yum i LOVE cakes and cupcakes!

  50. Vilda said:

    Either of these would be a great help to my son.

  51. Angela said:

    Scrumptious cupcakes looks great and I love the cute little butterfly stencil :)

  52. Grace said:

    ooh, these look so delicious! ^^

  53. Heidi Johnson said:

    oh this gievaway looks scrumdiddilyumptious. I would love to try this prize out with the kids.

  54. Sharon Dickson said:

    yummy – looks great

  55. Laila said:

    Mmm.. What a lovely book! I would love this! :)

  56. Clifford said:

    Would love either of these books for my step daughter who makes me a fantstic birthdy cake every year.

  57. Brittney said:

    yayyy i just love baking cakes mmmmm <3

  58. Sharon Wong said:

    My favorite food is cupcakes
    They are so much fun to bake
    It’s hard to make a mistake
    When there are so many kinds to make
    And different ways to decorate
    And lots of places to take
    But be careful so they don’t break
    And you wont have to remake
    Then you can partake
    Without giving yourself a headache

    That’s why my favorite food is cupcakes.

  59. Leonora said:

    Cupcakes are a good way to entertain friends and family on special ocassions.

  60. Michelle Yip said:

    I love baking!!! I need cookbooks!! I only have print outs at the moment!! Book is so pretty!

  61. Irene said:

    I always like to try new recipes to share with my friends

  62. Aquarius said:

    I love baking so much that I broke my spatula the other day… really need a replacement now…

  63. Kelly said:

    I have just bought some more cake tins with the plan of exploring new cake recipes and a piping kit to learn how to decorate. This will help me off to a great start with my dream.

  64. esperanza said:

    Maybe my diet should wait for tomorrow… ;D

  65. Daniel said:

    We will have our first baby next April. Isn’t too late to practise now? :p

  66. Cassandra said:

    Cupcakes and cakes, what else should I bake?

  67. Kat said:

    If I got those I could impress the cake loving guy I like. Or not. Either way my comment is here! Thanks!

  68. luke brown said:

    wow awesome! my wife loves making cakes :)

  69. Anne said:


  70. Debbie said:

    I i win i will bake you a cake that a freebie cup cake

  71. Kelly S said:

    There is something comforting about a house that smells of freshly baked cupcakes/cakes. It evokes memories of laughter and hugs.

  72. Karene said:

    Baking is the way to life! ♥

  73. Belinda said:

    Aw this book looks adorable! I love baking!! Fingers & toes crossed!!!

  74. Yavis said:

    Vegetables are a must in any diet so how about a carrot cake? All I need is a recipe :D

  75. Such beautiful books. I have two young girls who love to cook cupcakes. Thank you The Freebies blog.

  76. Zino said:

    I love cakes! and since I’ll be on holidays soon this will be a great way to pass the time :)

  77. CindyC said:

    Awesome..was just planning to to venture into the baking world of cakes and cupcakes. This would be a great starting stepping stone to encourage me.. to Bake with Love!! :)

  78. Patricia Kursar said:

    Would just love a copy of the cupcake or cakes book. I have been experimenting with cupcakes recently and would appreciate a copy :)

  79. Amanda Gorton said:

    Wow might teach me to rival my Nanna’s baking!

  80. Darlene Billett said:

    Roses are Red,
    Voilets are Blue,
    I would LOVE to Win
    One of these Cake Books for my Daughter
    who is moving out soon!!

  81. susie harry said:

    My kids have just reached the age where they are wanting to cook by themselves so either of these Cook Books would be a great introduction to the world of cakes and cupcakes for them.

  82. Rob Bayliss said:

    Cupcakes are a fantastic way of individualising any gathering. The more the better, you can never have too many cupcakes(well you can, but hey).

  83. Beautiful looking books. I’d love to win one please.

  84. stan the man said:

    I would love to recieve this, ive never really cooked that much so this would be a very big leap for me in cooking.

  85. Jan Wild said:

    Yummm!! My mouth is watering just looking at those photos.

  86. Kylie said:

    These look fantastic. :)

  87. Arlene said:

    My granddaughter just loves to do some cooking so I would really like them for her to use.

  88. Ros said:

    my granddaughters favourite thing to do is cook with Nana. they love pouring over books looking for things to make and cakes are their favourite. what better way to spend retirement than cook. and my son-in-laws very much appreciate it as well as granddad.

  89. susan strahl said:

    either of these books would be a wonderful addition

  90. Jennifer Brandtner said:

    This really brings back childhood memories for me! My Grandma made cakes like these. Mouth wateringly delicious!

  91. glenda said:

    now this book/s i sure could use. it would make every wonderful recipe in the one place instead of having to go through heaps of books. bring it on. I would love to have either book
    thank you for the opportunity to read about it

  92. Francine said:

    Both books look really good, and the plastic cover is very practical for kitchen use :)

  93. Francine said:

    Both books look really good, and the idea of a plastic cover for in the kitchen is very practical :)

  94. Helena said:

    I wanted to buy a candle holder, but the store didn’t have one. So I got a cake.

  95. Kylie Stewart said:

    CAKE!!!!!! what can i say? except MMMMMMMM CAKE!!!!! love to bake them, love to eat them, CAKE, CAKE, CAKE!!!!

  96. Carli said:

    Baking is the only thing that keeps me sane in this crazy hectic world! Cupcakes make me happy, I make them for my family and then they’re happy too!

  97. Amy said:

    OMG cake!! Craving cakes now:(

  98. Katrina Peek said:

    They say “You can’t have the cake and eat it too”, well I can if I win this book!!!

  99. Cat said:

    They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…well in the case of my husband that is only done with CAKE!

    So please….think of our marriage… ;) I’m running out of ideas!!

  100. Verity said:

    My Grandson loves helping me bake……a “wipe clean” cake book would be a bonus!

  101. Ami said:

    I’d love to win one of these to give to my gorgeous 13y/o cousin for christmas,she loves to bake so this would be such a special gift for her. ♥♥♥

  102. Sharon said:

    yum cake

  103. nichelle said:

    what wonderful looking cookbooks i would love to have these scrumpious books it add to my library, I love cooking new cake recipes

  104. Indu said:

    Love baking………love to try these cakes

  105. Anita said:

    Awesome! Thankyou! :D

  106. kerry santillo said:

    Cakes Galore I do adore.
    To bake and eat
    is my main feat.
    yum !! great giveaway !!:)

  107. Catherine Norris said:

    What a beautiful day to win a beautiful prize :D

  108. S Wong said:

    Finally a stencil for coffee art!! And a very pretty spatula as well.

  109. Debbie said:

    Awesome my young daughter loves baking she caught the bug from watching junior masterchef! She would love this.

  110. helen said:

    yummy cupcakes and gorgeous stencils for cappuccinos ,does not get any better.the world certainly needs things to make life a little more special.

  111. jackie dickens said:

    Every days a cupcake day, best thing to share with friends.

  112. Sarah said:

    I love making cakes of any kind, I would really enjoy giving the cakes in these books a whirl :)

  113. Alicia said:

    Love the stencil idea for the cupcakes! They’d look so pretty with some icing made to look like a butterfly.

  114. vicki said:

    Yeah, how to bake perfect cupcakes with my little cupcake :)

  115. maria said:

    A life without cake would be so horrible.

  116. Jodie Reed said:

    Cupcakes, Cupcakes please help me!!!
    I have a 5 year old girls party in 5weeks time, I definately need cupcake help with this one.

  117. amulya said:

    love to have scrumptious cupcakes book, those little stencils were awesome

  118. Nikita said:

    Baking and eating, my two favourite passtimes! Best prize yet, would love to win! :)

  119. Mary Phillip said:

    I am feeling blue…….a cup cake may do!

  120. Sandra G said:

    My friends are used to my “bought” slices and cakes, because I’m known for my lack of baking. The stencils and recipes in the book, could turn my cooking from drabulous to fabulous…. never too late to master the art of cooking, starting with the amazing cupcakes. Thanks

  121. Kirsten said:

    I’m feeling hungry now. :)

  122. Jasmine Budd said:

    Bake a cake,
    It’s fun to do
    A cupcake is for
    more than two.
    Eat it all and you will see,
    what you create
    was fun to make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. kim hull said:

    a present for my granddaughter who loves to cook.

  124. Leanne said:

    Love love love cupcakes. A wonderful prize.

  125. Cathy Pease said:

    My 10 yr old daughter is just starting in the kitchen. This would be absolutely perfect for her.. Please……….

  126. Katie Robinson said:

    I love eating!

  127. Richard said:

    I love the colour of the spatula and stencil set. It goes well with my apron and hat.

  128. Brad Iversen said:

    Every sunday I love to bake,
    So for me, these books would be great!
    I love new recipes for any kind of cake,
    So send these books to me, before it’s too late!

  129. Sarah Armstrong said:

    YUM YUM YUM – I’d give it to my Mother In Law – she is the best cook (I hope she’s taking the hint)

  130. Harman said:

    Yum! I hope i win!!

  131. Ashika said:


  132. Natalie said:

    WOW, this would be a perfect gift for my future sister in law!!!

  133. Katrina said:

    I love baking! and would love an excuse to bake (and eat) more cupcakes!!

  134. Jacqueline said:

    Gorgeous covers, and those stencils are adorable! :)

  135. Jeet said:

    gorgeous cakes….would luv to have it…

  136. DD said:

    I make a mean sponge, but could go with a few new tips, tricks and recipes.

  137. Jessie Chibber said:

    This sounds so good. I love to bake and hate it when you accidentally flick the mixture everywhere and your book goes all funny and it is really hard to get off – Yay! now there is an option!.

    Plus you get an amazing stencil kit to place on those goodies you make! Sweet! :)

    Love the sound of this!

  138. Diana O. said:

    I love baking, and would love to turn my hand at fancy pants yummy cup cakes.

  139. Ernie said:

    With these books I’ll be the best Dad at the next school fete! Move over Grandmas, make way for me!!

  140. Amanda said:

    I love to bake and cookbooks are a guilty pleasure which I do not often get to indulge in. I enjoy sharing the fun of cooking with my 2 daughter but often find the presentation is just as important as the taste. I would love some inspiration and the stencils look great – what a fabulous idea!

  141. Joshie said:

    The cake one would be perfect for mum, as she’s so gorgeous and loves cakes! :D <3

  142. Courtney said:

    Only looking at the covers and already drooling…
    Can’t imagine what it’ll be like if I actually make them?

  143. Serena B-D said:

    With this giveaway you can really have your cake & eat it! My 5 year old son is really into making cookies & cupcakes at the moment so this would really inspire us both in the kitchen. Not only fun to make, eat & share but a great chance to spend some precious time together & put the hurly-burly of daily life to one side for a while.

  144. michelle doonanyears] said:

    wow!just the perfect thing for my aspiring masterchiefs[3 and 6 ]
    absolutely perfect!!

  145. Willy said:


  146. Softserveicecream said:

    Can’t believe your giving this away because if i were you, i would have kept it and drooled over all the pages haha!
    I would love to win these books and donate all my cakes to RSPCA bake sales for their wonderful dedication =]

  147. Louise said:

    I love baking, these will come in handy next time I need inspiration when i’m baking.

    for halloween i’m making zombie cupcakes ^_^

  148. shandra said:

    You can never have too many recipes and especially cake recipes….love baking cakes and decoarting them….♥

  149. Karina W said:

    I want to learn how to bake so I can be like a Susie Home Maker.

  150. Fredo said:

    Cupcakes reminds me of the past.

  151. Hannah said:

    Cookbooks are amazing, never can have too many!

  152. Nancy L. said:

    Sister loves to bake! These will make such a great addition to her collection! :)

  153. Wenly said:

    Wow… so pinkies… My 1st daughter love pink… She definetely will claim those are hers and force me to make what inside together. ;)

  154. Bec said:

    I cant believe I’m sipping on tea please give me a bite of butterfly cup cakes.. yumeee!

  155. Heidi Rankin said:

    Mmmmm cupcake heaven! perfect with a cappuccino

  156. Kirsty Daws said:

    Oh wow this looks awesome

  157. Catherine said:

    Love cooking cupcakes almost as much as I love eating them.

  158. Wendy said:

    I don’t have kids to bake with, I don’t have friends to bake for, there is just me and my darling husband. I would love to try these cupcake receipes on him and put a smile on his face and give him a lovely full cupcake tummy.

  159. mal said:

    yummy yum….love the stencils…my 3 yo girl would luv to help me bake n decorate the cake with those cute stencils….would luv to win it…

  160. Debra Moody said:

    I haven’t baked for a while because of living on my own, I really wanted to get back into baking now that finally grandchildren have come alone and my own darlings are asking for my talents in the kitchen, this is a perfect prize to get me started again.

  161. jackie said:

    live to BAKE

  162. L Samuels said:

    I ate a cake like the one on the cover today for a friends birthday, which I knew how to make it… Hint Hint

  163. Rachel said:

    Would love to bake some cupcakes with my 2 year old niece when she comes to stay with me in the Christmas holidays.

  164. Serena said:

    yum, these look great!
    I would love to bake these :)

  165. Liz said:

    My birthday is in two months … Can I share it with a friend who promised to bake me a cake for my birthday? :)

  166. Nat said:

    There is nothing better than a yummy piece of cake to go with a nice cup of tea for morning tea!!

  167. John said:

    This may be the ideal gift for my fiance, as she has a great passion for baking and cooking.

  168. Percilia said:

    The covers make me hungry.. Wish to get a chance to bake them and share with my friends~

  169. Melissa said:

    Yummy cupcakes! Reminds me of baking with nanna when I was little.

  170. Anna said:

    I love to bake and cook yummy things. Its the best thing for relaxing and taking a break from hard university studies!

  171. Jes said:

    I love coming up with new dessert recipes, I am constantly on the search for new ones to try and finding good recipes is always the hard part. I love to bake but I have been struggling to find good recipes since I moved to Australia.

  172. Swati said:

    nice freebie..

  173. jo said:

    nothing like a great cup cake !!

  174. Sarah said:

    OMG cupcakes make me drool!

  175. Love baking cupcakes and cakes =) Actually more in love with the PINK XD

  176. Daniela said:

    Love these! I love making cakes with my wee one! I’d love to expand into cupcakes now too! Nom! Nom!

  177. Larabelle said:

    These books would certainly inspire me to bake something other than Honey Crackles!!

  178. Haley said:

    Oh dear, they looks so gorgeous in the photos. Time to turn my oven into a baking zone instead of a place storing dishes.

  179. jasonkid87 said:

    my girlfriend is going to love this, she loves baking! :)

  180. JoG said:

    I love baking…these will be a great extention to my baking tool kit :)

  181. Coral said:

    I can’t cook so much without the support of my carer Chris. This giveaway prize is the sort of project we can do together and take to my Mum and Dads for afternoon tea. Thank you for considering me.

  182. Cynthia said:

    Who doesn’t love a good cupcake <3

  183. Pinky said:

    Mmmm looks delish!
    Taste buds going crazy- check!
    Tummy screaming *feed me*- check!
    Urge to head to the kitchen and bake (and eat!) that double layered berry cake- check!

  184. Sharon said:

    OMG! My three girls were so excited when I showed them this heavenly giveaway…. “Please win this Mama”, and so I answered:’Yes I sure will!’.

  185. Ros said:

    My lazy teenage daughter cooks well.
    She cook cakes this is more than swell.
    A book for her motivation would be my salvation.

  186. LOOKS AWESOME, I cant wait to start baking with them and my Special needs Son who absolutely loves cooking with me.

  187. Danette said:

    My daughter will turn 3 in two weeks time. I have been gathering ideas for her birthday cakes and for sure this year would be homemade cupcakes. As for every birthday event, decorations would make simple cupcakes look stunning. The stencil sets would help me this time and with sparkly dust, for sure the cupcakes would get lots of “Wow!”

  188. Monica scurlock said:

    Yummy prize….!

  189. Hsiang said:

    I love baking cakes!

  190. Jessica said:

    Yummo! Cute stencils

  191. Stephanie Young said:

    I’ve just started venturing further into the sweet world so this would come in very handy :)

  192. wend said:

    OMG yum yum

  193. Belinda Bonello said:

    They look so yum!

  194. Courtney said:

    A perfect dream for a Diabetic like me :)

  195. kylz said:

    My little man is 3
    He loves to bake with me
    Cupcakes would be yummy
    He’ll put them in his tummy:)

  196. melissa mullee said:

    This would be great for my collection and baking with my younger brothers every sunday. Would be amazing to win this :)

  197. Chloe said:

    Such cute Cappuccino Stencils!

  198. Crystal said:

    MMMMmmmm…making me hungry!!!

  199. Teresa said:

    Thanks and good luck everyone, comments are now closed.