3 Book Giveaway

Jutta1 in the Forums was generous enough to donate some unwanted freebies so now I have 3 books to giveaway. Just leave a comment below letting me know which of the 3 books you’d like to win.

Secrets of the Zodiac

Description: Discover what makes each sign of the zodiac tick – your life mission and priorities, how you interact with others, when and where you’re out of your comfort zone, what you struggle with, and what you most need to learn this time around.

Check out Secrets of the Zodiac on The Book Depository.

Secrets of the Zodiac

Star Parenting

Description: Parenting can be a tricky business. This book can help parents understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of their child – with a little help from the stars. It covers a whole range of parenting issues from toilet training to fun activities aimed at stimulating creativity and intelligence, and from breast feeding to sleeping routines.

Check out Star Parenting on The Book Depository.

Star Parenting

Buddhism for Parents On The Go

Description: Become the parent you’d like to be with Buddhism for Parents on the Go. This book will inspire you to be more patient and loving through the multifaceted, amazing and often difficult journey of parenting. Within these warm and often funny pages, Buddhist teachings are at their most accessible.

Check out Buddhism for Parents On The Go on The Book Depository.

Buddhism for Parents on the Go

A few simple rules apply to this giveaway so please take a minute to read them:

  • Giveaway is open to Australian residents.
  • No more than 5 lines or line spaces per comment.
  • One comment per IP address please, multiple comments from the same IP, people using different emails or proxies will be disregarded.
  • Comments will close on Sunday 9th October 2011 and the winner announced on Tuesday 11th October 2011.
  • The winner will receive an email from The Freebies Blog and have 48 hours to reply before another winner is drawn.

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  1. Lisa Merlot said:

    Good evening!
    I would love to have the secrets of the Zodiac! I am dabbling a bit with astrology and think this would be a welcome addition to my library.

  2. Mandy Maree Handley said:

    What a hard decision!They all sound great and suit my interests.Have to go with Star Parenting I think as a mother to a young boy it may give me more insight to his patterns and behaviour and help guide me in how to deal with his needs better:)

  3. Anne said:

    These all sound very interesting. I know someone who would love to read ‘Buddhism for Parents on the Go’ :)

  4. Liz said:

    As an avid fan of zodiacs, blood type personalities, and just that sort of superstitious material in general … The Secrets of the Zodiac sounds like a great book for me =D

  5. Kim Doan said:

    I would love the Buddhism for Parents On The Go as I am an avid Buddhist and it sounds like a very interesting read!

  6. As I’m not a parent, Secrets of the Zodiac would be great – I’m a Gemini so I looooooove books. :)

  7. Sheree cornell said:

    I’d love to read Secrets Of The Zodiac. I’m about to turn 40 & still haunt found a true love & I need a new direction on my life but don’t know where to start!!!

  8. Judi said:

    I would love “Secrets of the Zodiac” because I am very interested in astrology and learning more about not only myself but understanding other star signs better.

  9. Buddhism For Parents on the Go sounds perfect. Who couldn’t use a few gems for minimising stress!

  10. Claudia said:

    Leo: Get over yourself and walk away from the mirror.
    Virgo: Stop cleaning the house!
    Libra: You will soon be receiving a gift from the cosmos…

  11. Maria said:

    omg i would love to win the zodiac book *sighs* to bad i cant be an austrolagist lol i cant even go to uni because i my disabilaty also if you havent seen it cheak out fruits basket anime its really awsome! aslo im a scorpio so if other ppl win im really jelouse !

  12. Robyn said:

    Star Parenting sounds interesting!!

  13. slinks said:

    ‘Secrets of the Zodiac’ is the book I am interested in reading. Thought many times about a books on the zodiac but never got around to it.

  14. Sandra Rowe said:

    Star Parenting would be a great book to have as it is all about taking care of your kids and helping to do the best by them.

  15. Jess said:

    I think my mum would be very interested in ‘Buddhism for Parents On The Go’. My six year old brother keeps her on her toes! :)

  16. Alice said:

    I am very interested in learning about zodiacs , so I’d like the ‘Secrets of Zodiac’ book :)

  17. CindyC said:

    Would love the ‘Buddhism for Parents on the Go’. Will be a good way for me to learn out more about Buddhism and a bonus it’s specialize for parents on the go. Prepare my Mind & Soul for my future parenting skill soon. ;)

  18. Joshie said:

    I’ve always been interested in our star signs, so secrets of the zodiac, would be a good start I think. :D

  19. Helena said:

    Secrets of the Zodiac
    I am a Lion hear me ROAR
    Well Leo :-)

  20. Indu said:

    I would love to have “Buddhism for Parents On The Go” since I am a Buddhist and I think it would help in bringing up children in a positive way.

  21. susan hoger said:

    I would be wonderful to have “Buddhism for parents on the go” I am a childcare worker and am always looking for new ways to help others.

  22. Jeanette Marsh said:

    I would love to receive a copy of any of these books They all sound good and I know I would get a lot of interesting information from any one of them Sincerely Jeanette

  23. Mary Phillip said:

    I got a 22 month old girl, who turned my world upside down…….would love to see what else she will do …….would love to get the copy of Star parenting…
    or the Secrets of the Zodiac …….to see if I can get my life back on……….will I win or will she win……….we will see……

  24. kylz said:

    I have a “spirited” 3 year old and I would love the star parenting book as anything that can help me better understand my little man would be a godsend:)

  25. susan strahl said:

    Secrets of the Zodiac, i’m a rampaging bull :)

  26. scirawan said:

    1 copy of STAR PARENTING required here pls! for my poorly “Miss”-understood, mis-“Man”aged & “Miss”-guided nieces and nephews :) Thank You!

  27. Melissa said:

    Secrets of the Zodiac. Astrology…Wonder…Unknown…Truth or magic?
    The idea of the Zodiac interests many, but it intrigues me :)

  28. Barbara Maffei said:

    I would really love to win Secrets of the Zodiac for my husband, he is a Zodiac Aficionado and our third anniversary is in two weeks! Yai

  29. clarissa said:

    Star Parenting, iv got nearly 2yr old twins who are nearly ready to be potty trained plus the creative activity play ideas would deffinately be helpfull.

  30. Vanessa said:

    Whilst I love everything zodiac, being the best possible parent to my daughter is the most important thing I can do in life, so I would love a the copy of Star Parenting if lucky enough to win.
    Thanks :)

  31. Jessica said:

    Star Parenting, i have 2 boys 2 and 8months. I think it would be a great help to me and my husband.

  32. Jax said:

    Please add me to the draw for “Buddhism for Parents On The Go.” I’m not a very patient person so I can use all the help I can get to be the best mum possible for my new bub. Thanks to Jutta for the opportunity! :D

  33. Paula Mumma said:

    Hi, I would love to win all of the books, but I would especially like to win the Star parenting book, as my daughter has developmental delays, so helping her to reach her full potential, (I feel) is paramount. And one can never know too much about parenting…

  34. Carmen said:

    Hi, I’m a Gemini and I would love to read Secrets of the Zodiac & horoscopes on random bookmarks that tell me who I’m compatible or not with, that then makes me go around my school asking randoms for their sign which is really awkward since I go to an all girls school :)

  35. Stef said:

    Secrets of the Zodiac for me please. I am not a parent (yet), but I am interested in the star signs especially if it promises to be a thrilling read. Thanks in advance :)

  36. Annemarie said:

    I’d like to add ‘secrets of the zodiac’ to my book collection if its still available thanks :)

  37. Alana said:

    Secrets of the Zodiac sounds amazing!! Thankyou xx

  38. Hayley said:

    Does anybody have a habit of checking horoscope everyday? Well, I do. Being a science student, i don’t know why I believe in such things, but it’s been by routine for nearly 3 years

  39. Sonya said:

    Secrets of the Zodiac, I’m so into this stuff, witchcraft, aromatherapy, herbs and oils etc… Dream reading, Tarot too… Can’t help it, it’s like I’m drawn to it or it’s drawn to me….

  40. Allison said:

    Thanks to you and Jutta1 for the chance to win!
    I would love to win Secrets of the Zodiac.

  41. Jeet said:

    I would love to have the ‘ Buddhism for parents on the go’, as I have got kids and I really need to learn how to be more patient with them.

  42. Vic said:

    I would love Buddhism for parents too – if anyone needs a bit of zen it is a busy parent!

  43. Dylan said:

    Buddhism for parents on the Go would be good for my wife and I, who are both strong Buddhists, and want to introduce it to our kids well.

  44. esperanza said:

    Hoping I get in just in time, considering there is still an hour left until midnight over here in the West.
    I wonder how that would affect Zodiac signs and timing. Perhaps, I need a book to discover those Secrets?

  45. Teresa said:

    Yes you’re on time esperanza as long as comments are open you can enter.

    Thanks for your entries everyone, comments are now closed. The winners will be announced Tuesday 11th October. Don’t forget to check back.